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    I had a red S13 with those light up quarter window vent dealies 8 years ago, and I sold it with them still fitted grrr....
    Originally posted by Rdyno
    It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


      Relevant -

      Shame about the closed door respray and seeing the red when you open it up! Not as neat as the one above but doesn't look fucked like a lot of them either!
      Hide yo' wife!!!


        Originally posted by StupidFlanders View Post
        I had a red S13 with those light up quarter window vent dealies 8 years ago, and I sold it with them still fitted grrr....
        yeah seemed like they went up slowly for a years, then last 3 went dumb expensive quick like a lot of things


          Originally posted by piss98 View Post
          Relevant -

          Shame about the closed door respray and seeing the red when you open it up! Not as neat as the one above but doesn't look fucked like a lot of them either!
          Eh seems like its a seems like its a pretty average car with a lot of gktech stuff, and if going to all that trouble, dont know why not spend the extra couple of hundred to at least get the jams done if such a contrasting colour. prob would have been a 12k car 18 months ago, but a lot of cars are similar story in this market


            So the SR20 that was in the S14 originally came out of the purple S13.
            It was ment to go back in after my brother got off his P's, but with all the dramas with the car it just sat under a tarp at parents house. After doing one track day with the NA RB25 it was a good reintroduction after a year plus break, but couldnt keep up with anyone and kept gripping up so couldnt even be followed, so asked my brother if I could see if it was any good still and put it in the 14.

            So dropped it in with bear necessities and go it running enough to check it had come and ran, it was low, but did a few oil flushes without turbo ect hooked up and then pulled it back out of to put it back together properly

            Gave it som new Gaskets and water pump ect to freshen it up

            Click image for larger version

Name:	159902859_193387395880158_6204828731702561106_n.jpg
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            Before first track day tried to get it dynoed, but there were a few issues and was giving weird results and running like shit. They thought it had a sticking brake and that was the issue. replaced caliper and took it to track day. Was running like shit and felt NA, broke down twice and brakes were sticking still. Came in after one hot lap and noticed turbo was glowing. Friend suggested its might be running really retarded. the timing light showed it being fine. Took a punt and cranked it off 10+ deg normal and felt like it was running a lot better.

            Instead of fixing problems I got car resprayed
            Next track day It did a welsh plug under the turbo manifold
            Click image for larger version

Name:	160458810_258462885771830_5358217293278754371_n.jpg
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            Anyhwoo there was more issues iwth the car like killed a rack ect .
            But Then fixed the brakes as ended up being the Booster that was the issue in the end, a replacement one and they were all sorted and no longer sticking. I left the car with the timing cranked at the CAS as the car seemed to be running finish as is. Nearly 2 years later decided with a friends help to check the CAM timing. As I thought I had fucked it up with a cam install that when I attempted when the motor first went in after discovering I had been sold the wrong cams after disassembling. After frucking around with it for ages turned out to get the cams pointing in right direction with right spacing we had to be half a tooth off from where it is meant to be on the chain.But once we did that the comp went from 130 ( which is what it was before I fucked with cams) to 155 psi. So someone had probably fucked with the motor in the past and somehow put the chain half a tooth off. That and the timing set mad the CAS fall in the middle position where it was meant to and everything seemed happy for a change. So drove it like that till engine did the bearings
            Click image for larger version

Name:	159228805_476709296705203_1426988364521174190_n.jpg
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            So now when I bought brothers NA S13 I got all his parts along with it ( finally got that semi sorted and took it for a daytime mountain run, Quite a fun car with all the redone suspension but nismo shocks and big sway bars) Click image for larger version

Name:	158920749_274706930838560_657258869399124185_n.jpg
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            One of those things was a custom Mid mount kit he bought 10 years ago consisted of a Greddy intercooler, flipped and some 'Custom piping' to suit the non VCT motor. Tried to sell it, but then since I had just put these fancy tubs int he car didnt really fell like punching holes through them for the Ebay intercooler so thought I might try and make this work,
            The brackets/top posts were weird and wouldnt work, but lucky I could just drill and tap them
            Click image for larger version

Name:	160886136_746674736034258_392045843738967344_n.jpg
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            But seeing as the grill is way smaller than a S13 and the bottom of the cor sits level with top of bumper opening decided to duct the whole area and move the power steering and oil cooler to the side vents so everything gets forced clean/ cool air.
            The bottom consists of a some square tube welded between the castor rod brackets with holes for new radiator bottom mounts, also doubles as poor mans Nismo power brace.
            Also a right angle with a mount for the bottom of the intercooler. this also has a bent bit of sheet attached. It blocks the bottom inch or 2 of the radiator, but forced all the air to go through intercooler first not around it.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	159234822_252626369833307_1869835200425422767_n.jpg
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            Then after a lot of Cardboard Aided Design made a air duct fromt he front bumper opening to the rad support
            Click image for larger version

Name:	159961238_344802140252313_5444651400567295839_n.jpg
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            Also made a one for the power steering cooler on the Pass side, still need to do the oil cooler on drivers side.
            Seam sealed the joins and final install with be have rubber over sharp edge and foam tape against the coolers to prevent rubbing and seal better
            Click image for larger version

Name:	158701169_367469200922755_3905987727557641649_n.jpg
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            Then trimmed another Cm out of the AU thermo fans, as I had no chance to fit them on the S13 when I tried, but that had a lot more going on. Then instead of cable ties, bolted the bottom of shroud to the fan and made a bracket to hold everything together. May seem like nothing but compared to some cable ties holding the fan shroud to the top post like before, this bracket seems very fancy doing intercooler, rad and shroud in one, and starting to get hang of welding that I dont want to grind them to oblivion 1 second after doing them so learning slowly

            Click image for larger version

Name:	159248170_468664117646573_8078120771711638466_n.jpg
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            For people that have done proper race cars or done this a a heap of time and know what they are doing may not seem like much but this was days of work for me and suck welding thin sheet metal hahaha

            So next step is to do the same for the oil cooler on the drivers side. Also thinking of setting up a water mist spray triggered off full throttle but not sure what consensus on those are these days if they are worth it with just a washer bottle style pump


              I feel I could have been painted a little more heroically with the engine timing saga. No mention of my Lucky SR20 Engine Timing Test Lead™ either. Poor form


                Originally posted by nopistons View Post
                I feel I could have been painted a little more heroically with the engine timing saga. No mention of my Lucky SR20 Engine Timing Test Lead™ either. Poor form
                you may have to fill in the blanks as i mentally blocked most of it out lol


                  So with a lot of stuff mocked up as much as I could without an engine, instead of just repainting tubs decided to do the whole bay again

                  Being on afternoon shifts I just did a few hours before work. Started by striping all the stuff out and brackets ect.
                  Section at a time wire brusing off the old paint and crap a section at a time then priming. As last time I probably bearly scuffed the paint up. After a week of doing bits before work the bay was primed. in between that I was priming and painting all the cross members, brackets and braces.

                  After not much deliberation decided to go with the trusty hammercoat blue. As keeping the secondary colour blue and CBF repainting interior and its a hard wearing paint for rattle cans and seems to fill in minor imperfections.
                  I may have galmourised how much it hid imperfections since last time I used it, but came up ok. Still see some marks up close but ok for a engine bay and no more fish eyes ect in the finish

                  Also redid the wheel wells in the bright blue. Saw this on a what I think was a Project MU sponsored 86 at D1GP on my first Japan trip in 2012 and loved how it looked when the colour popped on lock. Had been like this for years but a fresh coat never hurt
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	167478838_481256716335797_6547840946902604113_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	130.1 KB ID:	7242081

                  Then painted all the cross members and brackets in between. Woud have liked to use hammercoat silver, but didn't realise how expensive it was when paying retail compared to last time i used it for everything at close to staff price. So went bunnings epoxy black after getting rid of surface rust.

                  Then pushed it out from under the house for the first time in 6 months. Did a 15 point turn to spin it around so I can now work on the rear end

                  Plan is to raid the parts bin and whack in some PBM solid bushes, driftworks rear knuckles, reboot the half shafts and put in the 5 stud hubs. Along with make a rear nudge bar.
                  By time I do that engine will hopefully be done and can spin it back around and get back to getting that car running again
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                    Engine bay came up nice looks great


                      So in some spare time over days off got cracking on the rear end

                      Dropped the subframe as a whole and disassembled
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	172044343_870737527117662_8244457223908418379_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	549.5 KB ID:	7244223

                      It was a good idea as the s15 subframe we put in it when we rebuilt it was in good condition when installed, but a handful of track days and rear bushes were trashed
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	173190707_1592926177577111_8898943908522385334_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	269.3 KB ID:	7244219

                      I was just going to pay someone to push them out, but got motivated to try and cut smash them out. The rears weren't too bad as they were so worn the inner section hammered out and could get a reciprocating saw in easily to cut the sleeve, then just 10 min of hammering and bit more cutting and they got free. The go to technique these days it to cut through the shell to release the tension and then smash with screw driver along the cut til starts to get free. Thought when paranoid of cutting the subframe sometimes it just needed another few seconds with the saw and would save you 10 min of hammering but got there in the end
                      The fronts were a bit more of a pain as had to cut through a lot of rubber to get access with the saw, but overall took about 2 hours to get all 4 out, compare to a day or more last time
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	173426461_140944174651162_1866009486852733302_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	458.6 KB ID:	7244222

                      Then put in fresh boots and grease in the half shafts as one was split. For some reason I thought this was a way bigger process/ cost way more to get someone to do. I had even swapped and thrown out half shafts for split boots. But 5 min reading FSM, $50 in boots had a crack. It was way easier than I thought, first one took me an hour to figure out, the second another hour as thought I found a better way, but if I just did it same as the first time without the learning time only 45 min or so to replace both. So defiantly going to just do this in future
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	170761638_492389738799491_8923661962034565425_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	487.1 KB ID:	7244221

                      Got it all stripped down, was tempted by another fancy painted subframe like I did back in 2012, but CBF as it all get chipped not long after. So just gave it a hit of black to cover any surface rust. Found my original PBM subframe risers from back in 2012 that I swapped out when reshelled into sil80. Thought I lost/ sold these but were in my brother stash of parts
                      Whacked them in and the diff back in with some fresh fluid, then chucked the refreshed half shafts in.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	image_123900.jpg
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                      The crank got tick of approval from machine shop so ordered some valve springs and a bunch of OEM stuff. Once that comes in in next week or 2 engine can get re assembled.
                      Also on the lookout for some new coil overs as while I'm refreshing everything might as well, shame no MCA blues anymore.
                      Any suggestions???
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                        I can supply coilovers but the colour scheme is
                         h i d e o u s


                          I liked the shockworks in the 180 and s15 mate otherwise havehad BCs too and they've been fine


                            I had bcs back in the day and wasn't a fan, maybe as they were the reds though.

                            raided the parts bin and whacked it all together
                            driftwork drop knuckles with some brand new 5 stud hubs. For arms have spl traction, Ikeya formula toe and eBay camber that need replacing.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20210415_132010.jpg
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                            So then could finally trst fit the wheels after arriving like 4 months ago
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210415_114745_697.jpg
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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210415_114745_847.jpg
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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210415_114745_951.jpg
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                            Forgot how much the lca not being in the sky after installing the knuckles pushes the wheel out. Results in them sitting a tad more aggressive that I thought. No idea on alignment atm though

                            The 6+in of dish looks good and hard to get perspective up close


                              I might have missed it Locky, but does this represent the build as at current day?

                              Damn the S14 has seen some changes over the years (I remember following it's different iterations on SilNSW, JDMST &

                              It's coming together well and those wheels are so well suited.


                                How did you install new subframe bushes, hammer?
                                Originally posted by Rdyno
                                It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.