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    996 3.4 - Lapis blue

    A somewhat unexpected covid induced purchase.

    Have smacked down a deposit on a 3.4 996.1 911, flying up to Scotland tomorrow to pick it up.

    In several emotions about it, think I've settled on happy and anxious.

    The story

    Been getting itchy feet during this lockdown, as is the case with most sensationally lucky office workers my partner and I have been able to work from home and had a shitload of holidays cancelled.

    The result of which is a disproportionate amount of time spent on autotrader.

    I'll keep my economic views out of this as much as possible but it's incredibly apparent the effect of extra money in the economy!

    Which brings me neatly to the 911. Have been eyeing one up for quite a while now. Indeed, was part of the ulterior motive of moving to Europe, unfortunately the incredibly buoyant classic car market torpedoed any plans of levering myself to the eyeballs and buying an f355.

    Have had a 986 Boxster for 18 months now and have absolutely loved it. Best car I've ever owned and its incredibly enjoyable (and easy) to use. I really couldn't ask for anything more.

    Cue a GBP 8.5k ex write off 996.1 C2 3 weeks ago.

    I had actually seen this car advertised when looking at my Boxster. My memory is vague but was roughly around the same price, with the same pictures. I ultimately didn't call as was intent on ploughing money into substance abuse and travel.

    I think the UK car market has many parallels with Australia in the way it has skyrocketed in covid.

    Anyway, so this car pops up for sale on a Wednesday afternoon. Being the degenerate I am, I'm the first guy to call. Owner didn't even realise the ad was live.

    Car sounds dodgy but still worth a look.

    Guy is an old codger, has maintained it himself, no receipts for work at any specialists, is a bit sketchy on details, no idea on what wrote the car off etc. I mention that I remember seeing a similar car advertised 18 months ago, turns out it's the same car. It just didn't sell last time.

    I tell some enabler friends of mine, they offer to drive me there. Great.

    3 hours later we're looking at it. Doesn't seem as bad as initially thought. There's definitely a lot of shit wrong with it though, but fuck. It's a manual 911 for 8.5k.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_8002.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.61 MB ID:	7256133Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_8007.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	2.22 MB ID:	7256129

    Car reeks of vinegar/ajax which was disconcerting. Old mate was giving one word answers and is awkward as fuck.

    List of things wrong with it:
    Drivers window out of adjustment and catching on glass on opening/closing door
    Dash vents snapped
    Rear seat reclining mechanism broken
    Weird paint
    Paint Gouge in sill
    Overall felt as if had been taken apart and put back together, hard to quantify but bit creaky and 'loose'

    List of positive:
    Ran really well
    New exhaust (Dansk)
    Aircon worked
    No CEL
    Everything electric worked

    I was still a bit iffy about the whole thing so think what the hell, may as well go for a test drive.

    This is where it all goes bad for the home team. That drive is what precipitated me becoming hell bent on 911 ownership.

    Despite all the flaws, it drove superb. Delicate steering, fantastic sound from the exhaust and great feel from the suspension. This guy happened to live right near some wonderful country lanes, it was upon driving on those I was well and truly sold.

    I've read many 911 reviews before, watched a lot of videos and even driven a couple but it was on that drive it finally clicked.

    There is just a different feel to any other car I've driven, even the Boxster which is effectively the same from A pillar forward. The lightness of the nose is one thing but there is also a unique sensation in having the engine out the back, especially that peach of a flat 6. It totally changes the experience, you're much less in control, and I loved it. The combination of these things is a delightful elixir.

    Despite all of this, when parking up I thanked the gentleman for his time and told him I'd think about it and get in touch. I should add at this time his phone was ringing off the hook. Upon walking back to the car with the enablers we all looked at each other and (I'll never forget this) had completely opposite reactions. They were blown away about how decent it was, I was somewhat dismayed at the condition and all the incredibly minor shit wrong with it. I have problems and high standards.

    As we were driving off initial thoughts of have I done the right thing by walking away began flashing. I suggested we mull over the car at a nearby McDonalds in a futile attempt to remain near the car and perhaps salvage the situation.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	EBBF83DD-B32A-4A1D-AEAF-DB01EBCF87FE.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	77.7 KB ID:	7256134

    Over Mcdonalds we discussed the pros and cons of said car, called some other enablers who were firmly pro purchase.

    It was at this time I message the owner to see if we can come back so I can take a 'look at the paperwork', aka lowball him.

    No response for 10 minutes.

    I begin calmly panicking that the car has sold and call him.

    No response.

    Cue the stages of grief.

    5 minutes later he calls back, 'sure, come over'.

    We get there, paperwork actually shows receipt for an IMS replacement. (for those non-Porsche readers, these engines have a tendency to grenade themselves due to intermediate main shaft bearing lunching itself and subsequently the whole motor).

    I then offer him 8k flat (in response to an 8.5k advert). He replies 'that's a fine offer' followed by silence. I'm not sure what to do. No counter, no other comment. The whole situation is quite awkward and so I excuse myself and ask him to get in touch if he would like to discuss. I should also add that the owner is dismayed and stressed out by all the interest from the advert.

    On the way home we discuss and dissect the car and the experience thoroughly, I am at total ease with the offer and content if I don't end up with it.

    The next morning

    I wake up and my immediate thought is 'I must own this 911'. What have I done, I was there and 500 pounds isn't much in the scheme of things.

    Check my phone, no message from the guy. Stuff it, he know I'm keen so I message and up my offer to 8.2k.

    No response.

    I call back an hour later, old mate has someone else interested and is coming out to look at it. In a pathetic show of bargaining I then offer asking and then beg him to accept it.

    In his defence he says he will call the person coming to inspect and try to cancel.

    I hear nothing.

    Phone call and message an hour later, it's sold.


    Just writing this now and seeing the photos is painful.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_6483441.JPG Views:	0 Size:	174.1 KB ID:	7256130

    More to come.
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    Tune in after the adverts.....

    Cant leave us hanging


      I had my cock in hand waiting for the finish. What the hell guy?
      Edit: didn't read the first bit thoroughly enough
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        Damn, what a rollercoaster. Cliffhanger.....
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          After this devastating loss I began to really focus on finding a 911.

          As mentioned above, I'd kept an eye on them for the past 4/5 years. They had sat roughly 10k for a manual, c2 coupe with high miles needing a little work to 15k for manual c2 coupe in good condition.

          Covid has basically evaporated the cheap coupe market with the new floor around 15k.

          To be honest, that's still a great deal for a car of this calibre.

          The market is such that any good cars here sell in minutes.

          Cue car two.

          1997 Manual C2

          Delicious spec; LSD, 993 turbo hollow spoke wheels, boxster launch spec red interior, M030 sports suspension, hardback sports seats, sunroof and cruise control. Basically, exactly how I would have optioned it from new. The aerokit I can take or leave. The thing keeping me from calling immediately is the fact it's such an early (cable throttle) car. Later this year our flat will fall in the extended ultra low emissions zone which means I'll have to pay £15 every time I take the car, later model 996's are compliant.

          I figure its still worth a punt as I'm desperate and reeling in from the £8.5k special. Somehow, despite all this, I'm the first guy to call. Great.

          What is not so great, is that someone else has messaged and apparently is inspecting it in a couple of hours. Seller lets me know that I have first dibs if he doesn't show.

          The brief chat we have about the car sounds great, handful of owners, last owner was a travelling doctor, hence the miles. Open chequebook approach to maintenance with one of the best independent specialists in the country with effectively everything you'd want done, done.

          Unfortunately, not meant to be. First guy put a deposit on it.

          Damn again.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	641c11cf984243cba3ba174b9faaa884.jpeg
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ID:	7256149

          Click image for larger version

Name:	935fe6927bd0469498f10596efb9bdbe.jpeg
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Name:	0108d4de330044738fb96bb4d17c0c43.jpeg
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Name:	b4602f8ce88e45139646b0f793086b8b.jpeg
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ID:	7256151

          Ad is still live per link below:

 ius=1500&price-to=20000&include-delivery-option=on&transmission=Manual&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=New&onesearch ad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=Used&postcode= se12bb&body-type=Coupe&sort=datedesc&page=1
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            That is some shit luck.

            The other comment is how cheap they are. I quick look on Carsales and the cheapest 996 Carrera is $57k.
            When too much horsepower is barely enough


              Awesome read so far hurry with next installment!!!
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                reading these prices, i would've snapped up the first one at asking price
                have you looked at the aus equivalent on Carsales?


                  Firstly don't listen to me

                  It's was 911 for £ 8k5

                  Buy it, drive until it dies, sell engine for £4k, brakes and suspension for £2k and anything else for another £2k. Go to bed knowing you've had one and fuck me drunk how much Maccas did you eat? I know it's Scotland and all but bloke, thats a feed!

                  Also the correct answer to "Thats a fine offer" is "Glad your happy with that, cash or bank transfer?"
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                    Originally posted by mizone View Post

                    Also the correct answer to "Thats a fine offer" is "Glad your happy with that, cash or bank transfer?"
                    My thoughts exactly.
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                      Part 3. Redemption.

                      Typing this on the way to the airport so I’ll keep it brief.

                      After missing both the cars above, the search really ramped up. Joining owners club forums, calling local garages, messaging forum members. Absolutely nothing was available. I should caveat, absolutely nothing in my budget meeting my specifications was available. By this time all I really wanted was a manual, coupe that was decently maintained.

                      Cue Scotland.

                      On my usual 10 minute refresh on uk gumtree, below ad popped up.

                      Well worth a call, manual, coupe, big service history, £15.6k.

                      This time I’m again first to call.

                      Speak to the owner, it sounds well cared for and has been cherished by him for about 3 years. It’s had m030 sports suspension fitted, ims replaced, and serviced annually.

                      Negatives, air con isn’t cold - so condensers may need replacing, headlights need a polish, a couple of minor scratches in the front bumper and needs new tyres.

                      Also, the spec isn’t great. I would have ideally liked cruise control, sunroof, lsd, non grey interior, bose and overall a later model for the ultra low emissions mentioned above.

                      I ask for some more photos and politely ask him to hold the car until I’ve seen said photos. He agrees.

                      Next thing a deposit is placed and a flight is booked!

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	D64E21BA-C5B2-446C-9F24-0A246C423EE8.jpeg
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Name:	04127475-F327-4319-BA68-DF2DEC1F39C9.jpeg
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Name:	B47D2BEF-E289-4BEF-8A87-56EC6555B31C.jpeg
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Name:	FDA686F0-8663-459B-B9AC-2BE7787F69BE.jpeg
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Name:	EBF7BE3C-872A-4E73-B615-6F131C72CB69.jpeg
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ID:	7256259
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                        Result! Although that interior is very....grey!
                        Originally posted by piss98
                        fuck I'd be happy to suck Bill Gates off


                          Nice, i just bought a 996 a few weeks ago. I'll be watching what you do with your car!
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                            I know that shattered feeling when you try your best negotiation/low ball tactics only to find out some other punter doesn't know these games and pays the asking price. Cue weeks of "should have just bought it!"
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                              Did you just....retard yourself....out of a $8kGBP Porsche 911
                              Originally posted by TK
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