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    This is where the story gets a bit odd, as car stories usually do.

    After discovering the milk in the filler tube and cap my mind is absolutely racing.

    Per the above comments, I began pricing up a Hartech rebuild etc. My 15k car is now looking like a 25k car.

    While pondering all this out loud with Andrew, in the middle of nowhere I hasten to add, a dude pulls over out of nowhere and asks if we need a lift.

    Politely, we decline.

    He then asks what's wrong and if we need a hand.

    Politely, we decline again. I really couldn't be fucked explaining the whole shit show to a random passer by.

    Random passer by then mentions he also has a 996.

    Our ears prick.

    Random passer by then has a poke around. He then mentions that the m96 motor has a tendency to have milk in the tube and cap if infrequently used.

    I then recall the old owner used it as a Sunday car, one of the things that sold me. I then recall seeing quite a few posts on various Porsche forums mentioning this issue.

    We begin poking around further.

    Trace the leak to the coolant hose on the water pump outlet, my spirits are lifted.

    Ever optimistic, we assume the head gasket is fine and deduce (pray) it's just a busted hose/clip.

    Random passer by again kindly offers a ride back to Andrew's place. This time we seize his offer. Andrew darts off to grab his Boxster and 12 litres of water, I wait with the busted 911.

    We take the drive back veeeeeery slowly. The 2 miles back to his takes 45 minutes. To be honest though, the drive could have taken two hours and I wouldn't have cared. As long as the motor wasn't cooked. I can't earn the price of a rebuild to save 15 minutes of impatience!

    Once back at Andrew's we put the old girl up on some axle stands.

    Confirm diagnosis of busted hose clip.


    The drive back

    Click image for larger version

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    Some pretty photos by Andrew (who takes much better photos than me).

    Click image for larger version

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      Man maths says you now have 15k to spend on other upgrades
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        wow, plot twist
        Originally posted by Jim
        I feel that rules are important as without rules there is no cheating and cheating is a vital part of drag racing.

        Originally posted by elfturbomax
        What has happened to PF? It seems to be diesel love now days. Maybe the name should be changed to Particulate Forums.


          Originally posted by itsnotagsr View Post
          Man maths says you now have 15k to spend on other upgrades
          Insert MorganFreemanhe'srightyouknow.jpg here....

          So what upgrades did you install with this windfall????


            Better outcome -

            Master story teller had us on hooks for 7 days to tell us its a hose clip

            What happened to reverse -or still to be diagnosed?
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              do these have those stupid glued radiator hoses?


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                what a relief


                  Originally posted by gmr View Post
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                  what a relief
                  Until he needs to reverse! Thats still an issue I think, but kinda hard to keep up...
                  I survived the patio flooding catastrophe of 2012.


                    Wow what a twist!
                    Originally posted by piss98
                    fuck I'd be happy to suck Bill Gates off


                      Lack of reverse was just a case of tennis elbow


                        How did you reverse out of that carpark where it's on a jack or did you just do doughies on the grass.

                        I am also in the if you don't immediately spend 15k on a 1000hp rebuild then hand in your man card*

                        *if you have 1000hp you won't require reverse
                        Originally posted by thebluerx7
                        The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


                          So the above was a touch abridged.

                          It still ended up with me getting the train back to London and the ignominy of then riding a fucking boris bike back to the flat.

                          Left the house at 5:30am and got back 1:30am, I was absolutely buckled. I should also add, I was also not completely certain it was just the hose clamp. I still had massive concerns as to whether I cooked the motor when all the coolant pissed out.

                          The 996 holds 22 litres of coolant and I refilled about 6 litres, not terrible but not great. Spent an age trying to figure out if it was the inlet or outlet hose that busted and then another age trying to figure out which one would be more of a problem.

                          On a side note despite all the pain I was quite thankful it had broken down at a mates place and I had the luxury of time to research and cool my head. I can only image the money I would have thrown at the problem it if happened in the middle of nowhere.

                          Also, as some of you have commented above, reverse was still an issue. Albeit bumped down the priority list.

                          I didn't go into detail about the reverse situation above but the conclusion (or what myself and the guys hypothesised) is that since all the forward gears were working fine, it was likely that the gearbox was fine. There was no crunching on shifts, no popping out of gears, no difficulty selecting other gears or anything like that. This led us to believe it was something related to the lockout mechanism or similar.

                          The internet is quite a wonderful place and had various guides and threads on how to adjust the shift linkages, the comments suggesting that over time these fall out of adjustment. The result? difficulty or lack of ability to grab gears. Bingo!

                          The fix? A £20 shift cable alignment tool. This part basically holds the shifter in true neutral and allows you to reset and adjust the cable positions. Fingers crossed this would be the fix I need.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	00072196191_LR1.jpeg
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                          Next week was spent researching guides and parts, effectively conclusion was this:

                          • Assume hose clamp has failed
                          • Buy replacement hose clamp
                          • Refill with demineralised water
                          • Run up to temp and check for further leaks and hope nothing terminal occurred
                          • Buy part
                          • Rip apart dash as carefully as possible without wrecking anything
                          • Adjust linkages
                          • Hope reverse reappears

                          The plan
                          Andrew kindly offered up his house to do all the work as well as his time to assist. This worked well as Andrew is rather handy on the spanners and has an outdoor bbq area. It also helped that my car was stranded at his. Before I knew it, several others had offered to help. Saturday was beginning to look brighter...


                            But what we are all wanting to know is what upgrades did you spend your £15k you saved on?????


                              Love the start of this misadventure. I shall continue to read!


                                Love this thread. The emotional rollercoaster....... ill perhaps make a prediction, something that goes along these lines "its going great but i noticed a few things that annoy me, so whilst i was searching wrecking yards for a few *insert random item here*, i found a second hand exhaust, some Ohlins shocks and a tune.........
                                "Cadillacs are more awesome than everything. All this newcomer needs is to post pics of tits somewhere and he will probably be the new king of PF. "