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Ex Army trailers as off road trailers

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    wheel track is another consideration too. ideally you'd like the trailer wheel track the same as your tow vehicle. if there's ruts, trailers will often either dance from one to the other, or get crooked in the ruts and drag along. neither is helpful if it's a bit slippery.
    Originally posted by Skompa
    The throttle linkages jammed on the CDs in my old Triumph 2000 and stuck it at WOT.

    I didn't realise for about 15 mins as it never broke the speed limit.


      Bought trailer I posted about above. Will prob start a thread on it eventually as it needs a couple of things, like a small simple 12v system.

      It's a smaller wheel track, but I think I'll use it as a base camp and do stupid shit without it on, unless its unavoidable. If it break, meh, it was cheap.
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