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New offroad caravan - 2019 MDC XT12DB

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    New offroad caravan - 2019 MDC XT12DB

    Thought id just make a new thread on this (cross posting from the caravan thread)

    Originally posted by psi999
    Have had our camper trailer for a few years and while its awesome for a week away its super fiddly for 2-3 night stay, which ends up being mostly what we do (plus when it rains it sucks lol). With young fella only being young for a finite time we decided to look around and see if we can find something a bit more suited to our situation (super tough construction, easy setup, easy tow, week on the beach with no power/water & nice place to be).

    So we've upgraded from this (drag week 2017 cock-block :D):

    To this:

    2019 MDC XT12-DB hybrid caravan.

    We went the double bunk option Vs shower and toilet so little man has somewhere to sleep and its a way better layout for a smaller van. hot and cold shower outside with clip on tent anyways so its not like we lose a lot (on-board hot water boiler & 200L water).

    Have ordered with 300w solar and dometic A/C plus got a diesel heater coming so i'll chuck that in once it arrives.

    Should have it early March. super pumped!
    So fast forward 4 weeks, old camper trailer sold and picked up the new rig on the weekend. 2 of the 3 water tanks full (but nothing inside) Pajero tows it like its not even there . Sitting slightly high in the nose so will reassess where it sits after we add a coupla hundred KGs of gear.

    Not really much modification wise to do on this one (pretty much pimped out from factory) but on the weekend, TV installed and external anderson plug into DC-DC solar controller for adding additional folding solar panels to existing 300w setup (if we setup in the shade). This coming weekend fitting anti flap kit on electric awning for additional walls / shade, 2kw diesel heater & replumbing the 3rd (grey) water tank to fresh water. That's about it.

    Hopefully get it away in the coming month for a shakedown weekend somewhere.

    I've looked at these a few times and wondered what they would be like.

    Seems like good value for the dollars, be interesting to hear how it holds up after a few trips.

    Following with interest.
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      Awesome, as per the Caravan thread these are on my view list to buy for next Summer, keep us updated on how it goes!
      Originally posted by race6.3l
      Only gripes are the bluetooth and stereo are bread and butter spec, not one person has been able to hear me properly during a call, even with my head all contorted towards the roof mounted microphone like im trying to growl a chic sitting on a clothesline


        Totally. So far ive spent 2 days going over it looking for defects and cant fault it. Fit and finish & 12v/240v electrics are spot on (also rained when we picked it up so does not leak lol). But yeah no bodginess to be found anywhere yet. The whole buying process and handover was very well handled as well.

        Construction wise the trailer component is super thick fully gal dipped steel with nice thick meaty welds and the rest of it above it aluminum, pretty much cant stick a magnet anywhere. Stainless kitchen has also been upgraded from the pics above with a fold out section on the back you could pull a few tall chairs up to like a bar or huge prep area. Also now has a pull out step under the door. Both of which were pleasant discoveries.


          I wanted one of these however the mrs was adamant that she wanted a inside kitchen so now we have a huge 8 meter long thing instead.

          Will be keeping a jealous eye on your thread


            Well played,

            I hear you on the slightly higher level of ballache with a camper trailer. Have a fold out hard floor (Aussie Swag) and you ideally want to be staying a few days to justify the full awning etc setup. These look like a really good alternative. Good to hear the construction is tip top. There is some junk out there.