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    4x4 national regulation stuff

    So received an email with the minutes of the national 4x4 association attached, outlining the current shitfight going down with the individual states over modification laws (oh, that and some fraud issues)

    Appears Qld wants a national regulation, NSW has said FU we're ok it's off the agenda. Then looking around I notice a few companies doing portals and GVM upgrades to Cruisers who are stating these alterations have to be done on new vehicles prior to rego as a secondary manufacturing process.

    Im presuming this has to be done as the vehicles then comply to ADR's but don't comply to any of the individual states modified laws. If this is the case, shouldn't we be getting behind using the ADR's and letting engineers to what they are trained to do.

    Just trying to understand the issues

    Got a link or Copy Paste of texts?
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      National 4wd Association: Time To Allign: NSW is further advanced than other states regarding engineer’s certificates on modified vehicles. QLD wants the engineer’s certificates and vehicle modification rules to be federally controlled. There are federal rules already in place in the way of ADR (Australian Design Rules). As it stands now a vehicle engineered in NSW can be legally driven in any state but can only be registered
      in NSW and this applies to all states. Other states don’t recognise the engineering certificates from outside states. We are striving to have engineering certificates recognised in all states but not to have vehicle modifications federally controlled.
      I understand where this lot is going with this. However, if we have a loophole where people are getting portals, lift and 35's on a Cruiser by using the new vehicle secondary manufacturer status prior to rego as in this article.

      or a GVM upgrade like this article

      Why are we fucking around with each states modified vehicle laws that are poltically driven and not just relying on existing ADR's and engineer testing.


        I don't think it's a loophole as such, its more that as a second manufacturer they can keep reusing the previous testing/approvals they have done on brand new vehicles rather then "modifying" them after being registered.

        The different states different rules stuff does suck but.

        We suffer with advertising, you must advertise drive away price on new vehicles but some states are way cheaper than NSW & we get constantly hounded that "insert different state " dealers are heaps cheaper but when you look its just the on-road costs.
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