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Any Patrol gurus here? GQ & GU

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    Originally posted by MRMOPARMAN View Post
    GUs are a billion times more comfortable than GQs. And a basic GU are a similar price to an unfucked GQ these days.

    TB45s are the go on a budget. They go forever, even on gas. Just gotta keep the valve adjustment on them.

    RE4s are strong as. Some of the guys doing barra conversions are running them behind lightly modded turbos and they are holding in there.
    I have no doubt GUs are nicer all round along with being easier to get a good one but it’s hard to ignore sub $100 rego for a 30yr old vehicle in NSW especially now the scheme is confirmed long term.


      Just chuck some decent seats in a GQ and they are fine. Patrol seats are nothing special.

      That's why I kept my GQ, $140 for 90 days a year on Club Permit in Vic.
      Ban low performance drivers not high performance cars


        Originally posted by ls400x View Post
        I quite like the RD28 for light duty but they punish owners for lack of cooling system maintenance and the balancer can come loose and chew up the crank. The really slow ones probably have a stuck EGR valve.
        when an rd28 gu was a new car, for some reason the fan belts were quite expensive. saw a surprising number get an unmatched set of belts, throw them off and then cook the engine. generally with good maintenance, they're good. i'm convinced the balancer coming loose thing on most engines is having a bolt which needs 200 ft-lb and giving it 3 ugga duggas with a worn out rattle gun.

        for what it's worth, my pick would be an efi tb42 with better management and a turbo. i've got a vague recollection the gq re4 auto was different to the gu box and not as strong. that's not gospel, and it wouldn't hurt to check.
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        Originally posted by Skompa
        The throttle linkages jammed on the CDs in my old Triumph 2000 and stuck it at WOT.

        I didn't realise for about 15 mins as it never broke the speed limit.