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Which 4x4 4JJ1 RA Rodeo, RA D-Max, RC Colorado vs N70 1KD Hilux?

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    Which 4x4 4JJ1 RA Rodeo, RA D-Max, RC Colorado vs N70 1KD Hilux?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking into getting a 4x4 soon and thinking about 4JJ1 RA Rodeo, RA D-Max, RC Colorado or N70 1KD Hilux? Would like a space cab as well as it is slightly more practical than a duel cab as I will end up with a bigger tray.

    Which would be the pick of the bunch out of these, the RA Rodeo seems to be the best value out of the lot and looks pretty much identical to the D-Max, RC Colorado looks similar as well but different front on it. All have the same interior. The 4JJ1 seems to be a pretty decent engine from the research I have done.

    Not sure on the Hilux, would probably be looking at an earlier one due to cost, did they have issues in the beginning? Think the N70 came out in 2005.

    Also would want it to be a manual, not interested in autos.

    Any advice would be welcomed.


    Have you considered the triton from that era?


      RC Colorado, spent a few hrs in a mates extra cab last month. Set up with a canopy, fridge etc for interstate hunting trips. On road ride quality is bloody exceptional, low noise, heaps of space and just a real comfortable place to be. Mate paid $8K for it during covid, steering rack needed doing ( had 260k on the clock) apart from that he put new rubber on it and it hasnt missed a beat. A lot gruntier than my dads similar vintage Hilux. These 4JJ1 motors are good for 500K plus if looked after. Turning circle is the only downside


        Didn't really consider the triton, I just did a quick search. Which model ML or MN? They seem harder to find in extra cab.

        Stevil: Thanks for the review of the colorado, they seem like a good thing and at 8k would have been a bargain!


          It was a Bargain, he drove it back from Victoria between lockdowns and got pulled over by Cooma HWP and asked WTF he was doing in NSW LOL

          I forgot my brother also bought a Colorado extra cab 2 years ago, Paid $15K had a few less km and is also kitted out with a Canopy, Bullbar and full electricals in the rear for camping. Only had 220k but needed to do a clutch/fly wheel recently ($2K), the Top end is hard on clutches due to the all year heat and wet season,.

          He is heading off on thurs from Darwin to Normanton QLD to pick up a 480 Quintre (4200km 4 days). I'm now looking forward to a Barra trip in September


            Originally posted by Stevil View Post
            Turning circle is the only downside
            And the interior which makes a VN look flash.


              I had a 2.5L MN triton which was bullet proof and had great road manners. We had a Hilux of the same era and it shat all over it - power, vision, handling, clearance, driver feel, price - all better. One thing the Hilux did better was the interior plastics. We don't have either of them anymore but i suggest the Hilux ones will out last the triton. Didn't really compare fuel use though (company cars).


                Originally posted by Sturmovik View Post

                And the interior which makes a VN look flash.
                Yeah dunno about that, I don't really mind the look of the RC Colorado interior.


                  i had an RC and liked it until i rolled it. yes turd turning circle. if you get a triton its the 4m41 3.2 diesel you want.


                    I bought a poverty pack RC single cab 4x4 a couple of months ago from my best mates estate after he was killed in a boat accident.

                    His worker had fucked hard it so I got it for the right price, big win was the steel dekker tray with boxes. Needed new rad, motor (cracked head due to fucked rad), clutch, rear springs and assorted other maintenance. Ended up with HD clutch and 110k km Dmax motor.
                    I stripped the interior (old mate worker was an ice addict), cleaned it and sound deadened it, came up mint. Goes ok stock and it appears the 4JJ1 responds really well to tweaking. We've got a ~500kg slide on camper setup for it so I've put heavier springs under it, ride is certainly firm without weight. Will likely get ECU shop ultraboost in it so we can get up pass/hills with the camper on.

                    It's not flash inside, but meh.

                    We've spent some coin, but I got it for $1000 and now I know what I've got. Would currently pay the same as I spent for a 300k km needing some of the work we've just done.
                    Love that I can drop the camper off it in minutes and have a ute that I can chuck gardening shit in, or we can leave our site setup and drive out from under it.
                    '71 BMW 2002 - restoration
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                    Originally posted by Marv
                    my cuts look like they're done by Michael J Fox using a grinder on the end of a pool noodle


                      1KDs tend to go bang and also injectors are super sensitive to contaminates, which also helps them go bang. I reckon the hilux has the best interior out of all the cars listed and has the most aftermarket shit available for it.

                      4JJ1 is a grouse engine. Basically a 4cyl diesel 2JZ. shame about the average cars they are attached to.

                      My vote also goes to a 3.2 triton. Make sure you allow for an egr delete, intake clean in the purchase price. Also allow for a catch can in which ever vehicle you choose.
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                        Hearing plenty of 1KDs popping lately, all around 250k kms. (Prados and Hiluxs)
                        Granted it's probably the most popular engine getting around.


                          Originally posted by Sturmovik View Post
                          Hearing plenty of 1KDs popping lately, all around 250k kms. (Prados and Hiluxs)
                          Granted it's probably the most popular engine getting around.
                          Work car is a 3L TDi in a Prado. Done 235,000km. The electrics, switchgear and interior will fail (as mine have) well before the engine. I don't like to drive the 2.8 litre replacement as it is terrible to drive in a manual, I do like the auto 2.8 Prado. Heat soak on the 2.8 engine above 37C is horrific, how anyone tows with one is beyond me

                          There are a lot of worse decisions engine wise you could make than the 3 litrre Toyota 1KD
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                            Bad injectors is what kills 1kds. Just change them every 150k. They’re not that expensive anymore


                              Bit late to the party but if you are still looking/deciding...

                              Just sold my 2011 RC Colorado. Can honestly say it was one of the best cars I have owned and I honestly should have sold my wifes RG7 Colorado instead. Engines are bulletproof and awesome on fuel - in 2 years of ownership it didnt matter how or where i drove it, it never averaged more than 9.5L/100. They also go a lot better in standard form than the power outputs suggest; with a tune the results people are getting are pretty solid. I honestly prefer the interior and they are nicer to drive than the N70 Hiluxs [partially because the engine is so much better] although the Hilux is a bit better offroad because of the strut front end. In saying that, for a torsion bar front, they actually ride really well [a lot better than works current-gen Hiluxs].

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