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Moving from V8's to old school Jap cars...

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    Moving from V8's to old school Jap cars...

    So i've been a long time V8 man particularly old school 8's.
    I think it's time for a change after having been subjected to the old school Japanese cars and turbo's scene from certain individuals.
    Now, I don't like the new stuff, I don't know why, but I love everything pre 90's.
    I really like the old school looks of the Japanese cars such as DR30's and R31's, Datsun's 510's, 60's&70's Corolla's and Corona's..etc.
    But, I have absolutely no clue about these vehicles!

    I mean, stretching tyres and Watanabe's?
    FJ20's and wheel arch kits?

    I don't know where to begin. So does anyone have some honest suggestions in regards to what type of car I should be looking at?
    Stuff like reliability issues, typical rust problems, aftermarket support, popularity, performance...etc

    It would be much appreciated if someone can point me in the right diection

    FJ20's are the bestest thing ever.

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      buy something with a nasty L28 in it.
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        Depends on your budget and what you want.

        Front rear or all 4?

        Buying a car to do up or already done?

        Doing any mech/fab work yourself?

        I went from Commos to granny spec AE71 Rolla that just had a 4AGE conversion done then I molested it how I wanted, but I'm a cheapskate :D


          I have to say that the 2000GT-R Skyline is an amazing looking and sounding car but obvioulsy completely out of reach.
          So, I'm after a performance orientated car NA or Turbo that has at least some form of racing heritage, those crazy looking wheels and flares. Budget is $0-$15000.
          I'm not looking for candy paint,50 inch rims, Kenwood speakers and shit like that....


            240z/260z or a 280z (fair bit cheaper arent they?)
            theres some slightly shabby looking hakos on, obviously will blow budget by quite a bit, but they arent anywhere near gtr money. price makes me wonder just what exactly is wrong with it, and if it would ever be able to be rego'd in aus (see


              Get an E30.


                If Z cars haven't grown on you yet, they will and be out of reach $$$ wise.

                One of the bargains on the market are 280zx's as their American styling has stopped them reaching 240/260z prices... For now. Cheap and easy to modify as there is a huge aftermarket and swapability of parts.

                If it's not a daily, look at 1st gen RX7s. Shell are cheap, it's just the disposable engines that will drive you crazy.


                  Hi and welcome to PF.

                  Are you after a cruiser, circuit warrior, drag weapon?
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                    Dr30 rs
                    RIP Simon - Ghost ride that whip in the clouds forever..


                      I bought a DR30 last week :D and have had a number of 510's/610's etc. When I have some time later today I'll add my thoughts re the original questions.


                        e30, whilst slightly out of your criteria, is a cracking choice.

                        180b SSS
                        any of the early celicas - RA28s are most excellent

                        tonnes of choices - I have a fucked up desire to own a 260c one day too. weird.
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                          just remember that all of the classic toyotas up to 1986 will be underpowered unless modified


                            Just remember that E30s are shit and not old school Japanese cars.

                            Oh, and DR30s are awesome if you can find one



                              Some inspiration for you.

                              Personally not interested in much Jap post '80s.