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Seeing your old car years later...

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    Seeing your old car years later...

    Saw my old Astra on the way to work this morning...(yeah, I know PF hates Astras but mine was great).

    Amazing how some people can turn an immaculate car into a heap of shit in a little over four years. It didn't have a mark on it when I traded it, perfect inside and it looked like it hadn't been washed in months, let alone anything else, had its front smashed in, missing a wheel centre cap, had the cheapest possible Blue Streak Someshit tyres on the front (and still the expensive Bridgestones I bought for it on the back) and was generally looking very tired indeed.

    I know a TS Astra isn't exactly a rare car and certainly not a special one...but it was still sad to see, considering I bought the thing new when I was 21. I just can't accept the idea that for most people, a car is just an appliance - these people should be restricted to their choice of a Proton, Chery or a Great Wall.

    At least the person who bought my old Gemini off me before that kept it in very good order, despite it being old enough to vote.

    So...good/bad stories about seeing your old car later?

    I saw my old immaculate gtst s2 r33 two years after selling it. It had been de-winged, had a fuck your family sticker on the back and large mags. Could have been worse...


      Seen my old 2000 SSS Pulsar (which I got new at the time) for sale a couple of years back on Car Sales. Emailed the people, which were the ones that brought it off me and were then selling it. Only reason for selling was that kid #3 was on the way. They loved it and it had served them well.

      Have you heard??


        did anyone see Morgs skyline?


          I see my first car, a 4dr HJ GTS Kingswood, around a fair bit.

          It's fucked - now with multicoloured body panels, rust, generally let go... Many sads.


            Oh, and see my old VR II Calais around too. Looks a little rough now as it been living out on a farm.

            Have you heard??


              A year later of selling my r33 - a workmate saw it on carsales and sent me the link.

              the bloke had basically put my old ad back up (copy and paste or save or someshit)
              looked the same pretty much which was good, cept I found out the GTRS turbo didnt like being on high boost doing doughnuts for 5 minutes - it now had a "recently rebuilt HKS GTRS turbo"


              Originally posted by niSSSan
              works for me as the first few years of monthly pay was hookers and coke for the first week, then 3 weeks of jerking off and water...


                I drove this up from Sydney to Brisbane when I moved up and later sold it off..

                and now


                  My VS SS got split in two around a power pole by the kid who bought it.

                  My VK Calais was used as daily transport to Mitcham station by the new owner and he even took the Group A wing off it. What a stooge.
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                  Originally posted by TK
                  Fuck yeah, Kinsler stuff for holden 6's is like finding hens teeth buried under rocking horse shit next to the needle in the haystack during a blue moon.


                    id love to find out what happened to my old rx7


                      RB25 R31 - Kid was driving through roadworks, loose road, no doubt kicked the clutch, turned sharp left, and nailed a wall. Write off. 2 weeks after sale.

                      R32 - bought off me by my mechanic. Turned it into a 10 second VQ30 powered monster. Brilliant no expense spared car, has offered it back to me but its ~20k I dont have.

                      1J Cressida - bought off me, driven for a month, pulled off road, big single and ecu fitted, then parked up. Been sitting around for 3 years now having done nothing.

                      Rs Lib 2 - Sold to a young kid, replaced gearbox, broke gearbox a week later, found a cheap wagon, transferred sti wheels seats and suspension into the wagon, sold the sedan. New owner took it to plex as I had it mechanically and ran a 13.2 - still going.
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                      TJ is 99% African American.


                        Looking for my S2 Gemini. Would like to get it back. Saw it for sale at private sale yard at old Belco markets a while back. Not sure if it went down to the south coast.

                        Had V8 VK Brock wagon in Red with Gold Bathurst mags. Bought it off a farmer in Griffith..
                        Saw it a while ago. Had been converted to gas and had a crap body kit placed on it. Looked very second hand. Amazing some people take a good car, treat it like shit and expect it to retain its appearance from the day they bought it.
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                          My subaru was sold never to be seen again.

                          E30 I still have nearly 12 years later.

                          Ecomoo powered 97 hilux monster truck was sold to some guy up north never to be seen again.

                          S4 JDM RX7 was sold to some boostcruising peanut and painted blueprint blue almost the next week, I imagine its probably changed hands a squillion times since then.

                          Blueprint XR6T was sold to a bloke who works at my local Clive Peters Electrical and still see it every time I go down there, complete with ding in the drivers rear quarter that I did a week before selling it.

                          Other various shitters dont rate a mention.

                          Everything else I bought I still have :D
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                          80mm of penetration isn't bad, i wish i had that much.
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                          My entire working career pretty much consists of suckin dick and takin names.

                          Sometimes im too busy to take names.


                            Haven't seen my old R31, was sold to a young tradie, so it's either it's still in awesome condition, or a it's a tradies roughy car.

                            Sold to him with fucked out s13 shocks because he wouldn't pay the 500 extra for the coilovers. So he's probably left it to die.


                              i seen my old turbo xf fairmont ghia "MPRESV" after i sold it, it was sad. It used to be a show car in immaculate condition, now it looks like a coon rig with dents in it and shit, has been sold again since hope it will be fixed to its original state. & my old vn ss got wrapped around a tree the day after i sold it.

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