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    I'd love a Kombi for work, but it's a cab-over, and the engine is where my toolbox needs to go.
    Originally posted by brewdles
    In short, some cunt at test and tune had a 250cc honda turning to 11ty and it sounded porn. Do that.


      Bang for buck iLoad is a winner. Money no object Hiace is winner.


        travelling much for races etc? Hiace is fine if you're in and out alot, but on longer trips out of town it gets very uncomfortable once youve been in it for a while. Goes well enough for what it is though.
        '67 Volkswagen Beetle 1300cc
        '09 VE SS

        Originally posted by Scrad
        You are like some sort of car rapist, Sticking things where they don't belong, and often don't fit nicely


          Transit Turbo Diesel 2.4 with 6 speed, and an aftermarket piggy back chip.
          Low roof short wheelbase, quite good!
          The petrol engined vans can't be chipped up

          Keep eye out for state gov ex police auctions, most dont even make the ditch kilometres, as they are parked on side of roads taking photos, they ditch them on a time basis.

          If you are not having to rush into it, spend a bit of time finding out from the guts driving them, ie Pistal workers, Courier drivers, most will be quite happy to tell you the goid and bad points of what they are using. Some will be owner operators, some will be employees that have to drive that van for a job.

          Will your go kart, with rims/tyres on widest axle track fit through the rear doors, between the taillights?

          Other benefit, can be used as a sort of mobile home when away, or on long trips.
          If the odd need to carry more people arises, they can be fitted with second row seating, lowest cost option, find a multi seat van/bus, at wreckers, and grab a row of seats.
          if you get this far after reading the above, good on you!
          If i make spelling mistakes, syntax errors, or just mss letters in words, it is because i am lw vision/vision impaired.
          Dont drive or race no more. Bit of a cunt of a thing.
          I cant see what keys my fingers hit when i type.
          Its called Cone and Rod Dystrophy, un fixable, i get worse, its a hereditary cunt f a thing.


            I'd be making sure you get something that is relatively safe- as someone said earlier your legs can be right in the crumple zone in a van.
            I was in a head on at 80km/h a couple of months back in a VW transporter. The cops on scene said I was lucky I was in a VW (or a MB).
            Originally posted by Rdyno
            I say we ban Rdyno... oh wait.


              Great info, thanks guys.

              I'm trying to keep it to 25k, so for that money I can get (based on a couple hours on car sales, no bargaining yet):
              Vito 2007-2008 with 50-70kms
              Iload 2011 same kms
              Hiace 2008 same kms

              Those are my picks so far. French or Fiat just remind me of burning money. Ford, nahhh :D
              Not a fan of the look of the Hiace and comfort for the occasional long trip is kinda important so I might test drive for feel - I know it will be reliable.
              The Iload makes sense because it'll still have a good warranty and it'll do the job (I'll still be driving my M3 during the week so it doesn't have to blow my socks off).
              The Vito looks super nice and sounds good, more worried about being out of warranty from the get go.

              Edit: Fuel economy is not major concern, I'm spending 300k a month on diesel anyway.
              Originally posted by Mr Jones
              Sneakers prompted the erection. Engine stand made me do something with it


                Transporter. Diesel. The. Bomb. (MANUAL!!!!.... See other thread. ).
                Insert pithy comment here "........."


                  Whilst its not a van option. I made a lid for my trailer for about $150 with alloy chequer plate, tie down load rings etc but not weather proof for the kart. Other option I use is my time shared VS ute ($2000) which just fits it and all gear perfectly.

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                    I brought a new Vito 4 months ago, Ive done 20000+ ks already as I went bush for a long distance holiday.
                    Performance, Comfort and Handling is in a class of its own, Fuel economy and room is amazing.
                    Weakness is Shocking front tyre wear but easy fixed by running -1deg camber, a fix not needing any parts, Other down side is Trim is a bit tacky but only by MB standards and any colour other than white lose the clear coat early.
                    180kph is easy and with its IRS still very stable. I went with a white 113 6 speed manual crew cab and got treated very well by Diesel Motors.
                    If I could change anything it would be replacing foot park brake with a hand brake.
                    Good freind is an RAC guy and does many Ks in a Vito and loves them.
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                      I've driven a Renault traffic a mate has. 250k and super reliable.

                      I was impressed.
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                        A PF member has mentioned a V6 Vito which is over budget but hard to resist, so that's a strong possibility. The hard part will be stopping people at work thrashing it - thinking of a sign on the dash "GPS and engine sensors installed - treat it like your job depends on it..".

                        p.s. I'll post the PF member PM soon, just trying to work out how he defamed me.
                        Originally posted by Mr Jones
                        Sneakers prompted the erection. Engine stand made me do something with it


                          how much are these worth?

                          i figured a gullwing on the side of it to get the kart in and out could work.

                          then you can have this on the weekends

                          in fact, forget about the kart all together, just drive around with loose bitches.


                            Originally posted by Imposter Forg View Post

                            in fact, forget about the kart all together, just drive around with loose bitches.
                            You make a valid and well thought out point. I will take this into consideration.
                            Originally posted by Mr Jones
                            Sneakers prompted the erection. Engine stand made me do something with it


                              I have driven and fixed both the Vito and Sprinter over a number of years and my pick is the Sprinter, You sit higher, there is no difference in comfort and the load area is bigger. All our drivers have the same opinion, give them a choice and the Sprinter wins every time. There should be some coming off the Ozzie Post fleet soon as they are changing over to Renault's. Don't buy a Transit, in my opinion and I have looked after them on a fleet basis for a lot of years they are nothing but trouble. Especially avoid any Transits ex AP as they are a special spec on the transmissions and a real pain in the arse to drive though the transmission is tough enough. Hi Aces are a fucking horrible thing to drive and especially to get in and out of and the idea of driving one long distance is just beyond comprehension. In a head on prang your legs are the first to suffer and the rescue services always have to cut the front off to extract the driver. I would buy a SWB Sprinter, auto diesel, and chip it. All ex fleet will be auto anyway.


                                Originally posted by dirtyrex View Post

                                Edit: Fuel economy is not major concern, I'm spending 300k a month on diesel anyway.
                                any chance of buying it as a work vehicle so you can take chains more blocks of wood etc to the drivers
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