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"new" Supra supposedly coming in 2018...

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    The tail lights have to go, I hope they are just bung on there.


      Originally posted by I'm DJ! View Post
      Forg you, cunt
      Why, what's wrong with the 3rd gen car you posted?
      Soft roaders represent an excellent compromise between the needs of the hardcore 4x4 user and the convenience of a city hatchback. Its clear to see why they have become so popular in todays society.


        "new" Supra supposedly coming in 2018...

        I'm heavily biased having poured untold amounts of money into a mk3 Supra many moons ago but I'm gonna agree with Forg here (wtf?) in the JZA70R's being the best looking of all the Supras. I'd imagine that good specimens are all but extinct these days.

        All wide body A70's look aggressive in that 80's wedge way. I like it.

        Randy De Puniet has had more crashes than any other rider in the history of Grand Prix motorcycle racing.


          Originally posted by Rorz de Puniet View Post
          Two of my friends owned that car in quick succession (before the second owner had someone cut him off at an intersection and totalled the car). Very very awesome car and well built. That pic was the one and only trackday the second owner did in it before it got wrecked. I had some passo laps that day in it too, much enjoyment.

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          Originally posted by Walt Kowalski talking like a crazed hobo
          The major arrests will start from 1st January 2019

          I promised to leave if Trump loses


            Originally posted by Soopy View Post
            Did that sound like a hybrid when it took off?
            Yep. The updated Z4 is hybrid by the sounds of it.


              MA46 Supra 4 lyfe.

              Seriously, though, I always thought the second generation always looked the best.


                I was more of a Starion man back in the day when these things were new.

                But I remember seeing the 4th gen(?) one at a Car dealer in the UK around 1993 and thought it looked absolutely amazing.

                That original image has been severely tarnished as time went on due to numerous shit house body kits, the shit cunts these cars attract......and the Fast and the Furious
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                  I wonder if Toyota is flirting with a system like Volvo



                    Originally posted by Jack Nicholson View Post
                    I remember back in 2001, or thereabouts, there was a Chinese Triad gangster guy in Perth with a black JZA80 that did 310 down the Kwinana Freeway one night, it was the baddest fucken car anyone had ever seen, and if you saw it on the road it was like "fuck, there it is!" it had a presence that made Porsches and Ferraris look like gay eurofag wogmobiles.

                    For their time they were something really special.


                    It did have something like 500 rwhp. Back in 2001 that was like 8000 rwhp in 2016 terms...


                      Originally posted by rj_astra View Post
                      I wonder if Toyota is flirting with a system like Volvo


                      Imagine dealing with that in 20yrs time.
                      Originally posted by oioioioioi
                      I've never said or implied everyone on that page was a deadshit - just that there's a concentration of deadshits there. Think of it like a mine, but instead of a rich vein of gold bearing quartz, it's a rich vein of spastic bearing facebook posts.
                      Originally posted by Sketchy
                      Any peanut who thinks they could have done it better from the comfort of their armchair or work desk is a genuine mong level potato.


                        Originally posted by Forg View Post
                        Why, what's wrong with the 3rd gen car you posted?
                        Haha sorry must have been drunk or tired or both. Thought you eere ragging on the mk 3

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                        Originally posted by thebluerx7
                        The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


                          Jza80 ftw
                          Originally posted by The Property Guru
                          don't haemophrodites generally have tiny wangs?
                          Originally posted by oxy
                          No, that's asians
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                            ok, what the fuck ?




                            this shit for real ??


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                                $1 per km hahaha. Must be a taxi driver

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