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    Originally posted by 2rismo View Post

    As of this second it's 56%. Yes, capped.
    I'm assuming that includes those entrants that haven't been approved yet?

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      Originally posted by ChrisS View Post

      I'm assuming that includes those entrants that haven't been approved yet?
      Originally posted by piss98
      I wish Kochie would get blown out to sea and never found, in fact most of those dumb cunts standing in the rain telling people not to stand in the rain need to get fucked. Stupid tart on the news last night talking to the weather guy "wow you look totally drenched there whateverthefuckhisnamewas." No shit you vapid bitch he is standing in a fucking cyclone.


        Originally posted by ChrisS View Post

        I'm assuming that includes those entrants that haven't been approved yet?
        You gunna get the Chev done and take it Simsy? I'll take the SS and we can fat lap together.

        I did have one negative you can tell them Adrian.

        The Summernats guys rang me to move my car from the oval which I was more than apologetic about and that was easy enough to move.

        What was really fucking poor (and many people I talked to complained about it) was the sudden need to 'redirect' traffic around EPIC. I got told to go the long way to go to Tuff street which all I wanted to do was park up and listen to Woody, Dave, Lee and Elkin quack at me to do skids behind the stall we where behind.

        Old mate security guard couldn't give me a reason just said "go the long way mate"

        Righto 43 degree heat in a car that doesn't appreciate stop go I'll be right.

        Got down to the horse sheds and I get told "Oi nup no way turn around go back the way you came from"
        I was just told to come down this way to get to where I was going
        "Nup fuck off that way"
        I can't even park here? She's a bit warm buddy.

        Anyway wasn't worth the argument I went back again.
        And this is where I and about 7 others came to a stop then prompt overheat.

        This really was fucking woeful. Supposedly there was a procession of top 60 cars and then someone had left a big mess of shit all over the road. Then someone hit a gutter or something. Every person seemed to guess the problem. The main problem was we where all stuck in a line in some shitty circuit. I got lucky and some nice guy could see the car and me fuming and pulled me into his tent to cool down. Others weren't so lucky

        Cool story Jonno no one gives a shit about your overheating Gemini and old mates in front of you.

        The solution would have been simple.
        All these roided up security lads who seem to be efficient and screaming at people (including a really neat LH Torana cause he pulled over and overheated) seem to have ear pieces on them. Would it be that hard to radio to them.
        Hey there's an incident at X point please direct traffic to X point then ask them to park for the moment while incident is completed.
        Or please pull over and park till the incident is cleared.

        Less angry cunts yelling, less angry cunts getting frustrated with no real reason other than go here and go there.
        No cars over heat.

        I messaged a nicer version to Summernats but have no response so I'm hoping that's a "Oh yeah that seems like a good idea. Thanks mate we will do this next year!"

        Also think doing something similar with the old entrant text line would have saved aggravation.
        Even though getting 3458743ty texts about what was going on all day was annoying. At least we knew what was going on.

        This year not so much.

        Other than that one negative I had a really good time this year as an entrant again.
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        This is obviously assuming all your AUX outputs are doing something. Ie idle control, and the other does water spray, and the other updates your Instagram automatically etc.



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