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    Originally posted by Stix Zadinia View Post
    early 900 Turbo or Viggen, otherwise no

    isn't there some weirdo on here with a viggen?
    I've been rewatching the mcm $3000 series on the plane and it has brought back my desire for a classic 900.
    Came close to buying an early flat nose turbo aero but passed as it was so rough. Regret not buying it.

    Turbo or not would be an ace Sunday car.
    Originally posted by Jim
    the only decent six pot holden ever put in a car was the nissan RB30


      They're comfortable at least.

      Viggens were the best they ever did in terms of performance, but handling was poor & the drivetrain was rubbish at handling the torque (as in - acceleration involved unexpectedly chaning lanes).

      You'd get a 4cyl over a 6, pretty sure the 4 was a grandpa's-axe version of the reliable 70's Saab engine.

      Good at catching fire unexpectedly, if you're a pyromaniac then jump on one while you still can!
      Soft roaders represent an excellent compromise between the needs of the hardcore 4x4 user and the convenience of a city hatchback. Its clear to see why they have become so popular in todays society.


        Arnt they a wierdo north south, convoluted as fuck, nonsensical fwd setup?


          Only the proper ones, from the early 90's they were a pretty conventional Vectra in Swedish drag.
          Soft roaders represent an excellent compromise between the needs of the hardcore 4x4 user and the convenience of a city hatchback. Its clear to see why they have become so popular in todays society.


            avoid the v6's, not a tuneable and parts dont exist.
            Originally posted by Marv
            Only be concerned if that Dunning-Kruger Motorsports bloke is there and goes all Captain Damphands McGigglefingers on you after a couple of lemon squashes....

            I'M NOT A HOOKER BUT 20 BUCKS IS 20 BUCKS...

            robslothyoung - follow me on insta.


              engine going into the Lotus is an 2.0L A20NFT, also found in the Vectra J and Saab 9-5 (my motor is actually ex saab factory).

              direct injection 2L Turbo with 285hp on base map. 320 nudging the map, and 360 pushing it. all opn stock internals

              like most modern motors, the insides are made to a Budget, so no 600hp capable bottom ends in stock form. but 350hp on an ecu tweak sounds pretty stiut to me
              Mit freundlichen Grüße

              Originally posted by Keith Duckworth
              "I think that in a racing engine, the closer it is to disintegrating, in general the better its performance will be "


                Some random started a 13 for $1300 saab and never finished it.

                Worked on a few. They're fucked. Crazy torque steer if you stomp on it, weird "because we are a jet fighter company" ideas as well. Inner wheel liner off to get the alternator out? Go fuck yourself you fondue fuckheads.
                Originally posted by jmac
                ... he may have seen one of the signs of the apocalypse - 4 horsemen, fwd transmission, pestilence etc??


                  Buy a Volvo instead, at least they are safe


                    Originally posted by silence View Post
                    Go fuck yourself you fondue fuckheads.
                    I thought 'ya fuckin pelican' was going to be my favourite insult this week.. i was wrong


                      Originally posted by lukevl View Post
                      Stop being a pelican Damo. You just got rid of the Merc and now looking at these. You know how I know?
                      All of this. Damo wtf brah.
                      Originally posted by Gussy
                      It's the PF way. "Put a twin turbo LS in it brah, you'll have it converted and running in 2.5 hours and make an eazy 1000rwkw, lulz" All while the same people who suggest this stuff drive around in a corolla and have a fucked VN sitting in the garage for the past 3 years as a "project car."


                        The last 9-3 are probably the best sorted of all Saabs, by which I mean they are the most generic.
                        That said, GM was bleeding to death at the time and Saab was the first to suffer.


                          I can put you in touch with a guy in Brisbane who has 17 of them and is unloading most so he can move back to England. He loves these things and has some reasonable cars he must sell.


                            Originally posted by RNS-11Z View Post
                            Buy a Volvo instead, at least they are safe

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                              Mum bought a brand new NG900 in 1994 and drove it for 15 years without a hitch til I crashed it. She loved it so much she bought a 9-3 Turbo to replace it. 6 months later she got rid of it because it was a piece of shit, traded it in on a 159.


                                I had an 80s 900 turbo was cool.

                                90s Carlsson as an intern was very good. Driving back from Creamfields over Snake Pass full of great mates after a great night was one of my all time good drives.
                                9-3 Aero ten years ago. Much electrical issues, computer modules scrapping out $2K a pop.

                                All manuals.

                                Early ones cool. Are you training to be a doctor / architect?
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