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    Gentlemen has finally decided to make a facebook page. You can join it here

    Most of you wont know this but the software this forum runs is obsolete. We have resisted the constant urging by the providers of our software to update to the newer version because our members are happy with this version. Most of us are middle aged and some of us like DCR are basically one foot out of the grave, why the hell should we adapt to something new? Personally I fear change. Problem is in order to keep this software running as it is now modifications must be made to our server to accommodate this. Gordon and Dave or as we like to call them NerdJesus do a good job of making this happen with minimal effort and maximum expectation of praise. Oh and yes we do refer to the two of them in the singular, that shits legal now, you all voted "yes". Fucking thanks perthdrivers.txt. Back on point, every time our servers operating system is slightly updated the custom modifications fail and the site go's offline, as happened the other night. Also the owners are usually drunk and often forget to pay the bill, this causes unexpected downtime too. So story short you can expect more downtime, its something that's going to happen every few months.

    During these totally unavoidable downtime events we currently have no way to update members as to whats going on, and this is the primary reason why we need a facebook presence.


    Wait, don't we already have a facebook page?

    Well no we don't, and i'm glad you asked! There is a facebook page that is using our name run by a few people who are hostile to the current owners of PF over grudges from decades ago that no one can actually remember. We have tried to use this group to spread information about downtime and general forum information to members but every time we do we get shut down. There is also content posted by people that Performanceforums cant associate with, Animal cruelty, pornography, spam, and general unsavory content. This page is not about adding PF members, its about adding anyone who asks to be added. That being said the page could easily be integrated and turned into something that actually helps and supports the site, but the owners choose not to let that happen. At the end of the day all that stuffs great and if the owners of this facebook page want to do that then more power to them, but don't call yourself PF, because your not.

    How will the page work?

    You can join now using the link above or wait until you are invited via your email address you registered with. You can post whatever you want, if you post something shit you will get shit on by the members the same as how things work here on the main site. If you choose to continue to be a dickhead a moderator will remove you. As you all know performanceforums as an internet forum has a pretty good handle on knowing when to intervene in members content and when not to, we know how to let you all do what you want to do and express what you want to express without holding power over you like some sort of ex policeman in a convertible m3 telling you your e30 is no good because the screws on the left hand wing mirror are not period correct.

    Whos in charge of this group?

    Well not me. I'm far too old and stupid to know about such things, so were going to have TJ (the only heterosexual male i know who has an Instagram account), Bigmuz, Grunt, and fucking DCR look after it. Bigmuz wont be actually able to post for a while as he's off to the USA to protest in the Butthurt Hillary lost Rally 2017, but when he gets back and wipes his tears away on his business class boarding pass I am sure he will pretend to contribute. All your usual mods will also be there as mods to do as little as possible and pass the buck for mistakes as they do on the main forum.

    Why is DCR such a dick?

    Honestly I don't know. He started out great, he had an e30 m3 before they were cool and turned it into a racecar, then he got an automatic M3 and it just all started to go down hill. He stopped being about racing and started being about parking outside cafes, top, down, cafe latte please! That shit ain't cool. "Oh look at me, i'm on the top of fucking mount Everest". Well ya know what buddy, If i wasn't fat and lazy i could do that to! Don't fucking dare me!

    So, join the group, post some shit, have some fun, feel safe using it at work, and when there are site issues know where to get the updates and answers you need.

    Thanks in advance

    PF Modteam

    ps, fuck DCR! c63's are better than m3's anyway.

    edit: After making this post I've received several personal messages about how people don't want PF to become a facebook page. Slippery slope, beginning of the end, etc. Let me categorically say this. There is no way a facebook group can ever replace what we have here. 15+ years of information categorized indexed and searchable. The facebook page is a place to have fun and somewhere to go if the site is offline, nothing more.
    I am a retarded 747 captain who now sells waterslides in Perth.



      With an intro and welcome like that - why wouldn't you join ???


        Oh, I'm a member of the outlaw group??? Am I part of the problem???

        I own a two and a half litre Commodore





            Don't mention the adBlocker !!


              Show bobs and vagene plz baby.

              But seriously I'll probably post a weekly praise to Lewis Hamilton post and updates on downtime.

              Should it work well no reason we couldn't keep a fb live of car events but that involves a level of trust and me having a much better internet connection. 2017 8km from the cbd and getting 1mb a second at best.

              There is no need to join if you don't want to.
              Originally posted by brasher
              TJ is 99% African American.


                Originally posted by TJ Shermuz View Post
                Most of us are middle aged and some of us like DCR are basically one foot out of the grave, why the hell should we adapt to something new? Personally I fear change.
                I fear change as well! Shit, better join. Quick, one of you younger whippersnappers explain what a face book is, and where I can get one.


                  What’s Facebook.
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                    Will there be donkey porn on this one too?

                    VC Valiant


                      Originally posted by Norbie View Post
                      I fear change as well! Shit, better join. Quick, one of you younger whippersnappers explain what a face book is, and where I can get one.
                      its in the boot of your century, under the dead body
                      I am a retarded 747 captain who now sells waterslides in Perth.


                        Thanks for the ban Murray, how'd that work out ?

                        Don't mention the adBlocker !!


                          please please please don't make this like the Antilag FB page


                   facebook page

                            Originally posted by Fondles View Post
                            Thanks for the ban Murray, how'd that work out ?
                            It wasn't muz- it was me and on reflection I thought better of it.

                            Nothing to see here, move right along.
                            Originally posted by doods189
                            Will throw in around $3000 worth of reptiles and acc as part payment and maybe if partner let's me a 50in plasma 3d tv


                              Joined, but, should this be set to Secret not just Closed?
                              The new nugget
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