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    To be totally honest, for the 3-ish week period required to do decent panel & paint repairs, the 3cyl Mirage I hired (at my own cost) last time someone ran into us would be totally and 100% adequate. In fact, given that we have to pay for the petrol, in some ways preferable.

    Having said that, Iíve had time to have a proper look in daylight today ... most of the moronís paint actually wiped off the front door. It may be 100% Ďrepairedí with a polish. The back door skin is definitely dented as well as through to the metal, though.
    Soft roaders represent an excellent compromise between the needs of the hardcore 4x4 user and the convenience of a city hatchback. Its clear to see why they have become so popular in todays society.


      Originally posted by bg0013 View Post
      live in gong, but work in sydney.
      fleet based in sydney
      Hi mate,
      Can you please DM me the PDR contact?
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