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    The V6 was louder inside than the 8

    i hate V6’s

    but it was loads of fun and actually sounded good

    and dare I say it aside from being 20km/h slower down the straight was more fun as it was RWD and felt like it had better turn in and was more nimble

    not that I know what I’m talking about

    i just point and shoot LOL

    im amazed at the whole event

    it was awesome and free and must have cost them loads

    spewing I didn’t get to drive the F Pace SVR, they sound insane and haul arse

    but I’m not complaining one bit, it was a great few hours
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      Originally posted by Jack Nicholson View Post
      The 8-speed box and 3.31 diff makes the V6S go bang bang bang bang through the gears, much more lively than the V8 or the older cars with the 6-speed.

      Lotsa fun.

      I'm a bit bummed we didn't get to go out on the circuit for the Sydney days.
      Yeah agreed - that would've been epic
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        Did this today also. Sadly did not get to drive f type V8, still crying. Drove the f pace svr, bloody glorious. 220 odd down both straights and braking early, great handling. Was comfy as, a car of that size has no business doing what it did so easily and comfortably. A+ would bang again. Drove the f type V6 p380 next. Handled amazing, gearbox was brilliant, a bit slower down the straight, around 210. Would also bang again.

        Drove the electric i pace out on the road, was a very nice place to be and not a bad drive at all. Would also bang again. Last up was the xe, was ok but a bit meh compared to the others. Nopics also tagged along and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

        Best of all, free, free, free. Props to JLR for putting on such an awesome event. Food, coffee and little merch pack was a nice touch.

        If i ever win tatts, a high spec Jag will find its way into our garage.


          Just booked in to the WA one for March
          Originally posted by brasher
          TJ is 99% African American.