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Optima Red top failure and warranty woes

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    Optima Red top failure and warranty woes

    Hi all, I have an optima Red top that has shit the bed after 21 months. Safe to say I'm pretty pissed and the supplier is being a real cunt about it. Here is the story so far.
    Battery bought jan 2018 and fitted in the tray of my ute at the same time.
    Ute was stored at my parents house from around september 2018 to April 2019.
    Went to pick it up and she was dead flat. My bad, should have unhooked the battery. Anyway bought a ctek chargers and do the whole re gen and all good again.
    Or so I thought.. Battery is now only holding charge for a week if I'm lucky.. so Ute has to go get a different engine I'll worry about it later.
    Pick Ute up at the start of October and it won't hold any charge. Drive to the supplier and tell them what's up and the say I'll be struggling coz I don't have a receipt (back them they didn't save receipts on their system, I still have bank statement and the battery has the business sticker on it and the purchase date)
    The next day I pull the battery and drop it off to them. They were going to test and get back to me.
    Wait a week and follow up. Battery is fucked dead cell. Going follow up and get back to me (still sooking I don't have a recipt)
    2 weeks later (yesterday) I call and the worker tells me the battery has been thrown out and I won't be covered. Surely they can't do that!
    Supposedly the manager is going to call me today.

    Anyway, has anyone had any luck with this? ACCC possibly? Or what is the actual warranty? Googling says anywhere between 12 to 36 months..

    Sorry for the novel, any advise appreciated

    A credit card statement is a proof of purchase however may not be SUFFICIENT proof of purchase, however this combined with a sticker on it should be enough to become SUFFICIENT proof of purchase.

    What is the warranty on the battery? If its under warranty then the above should be sufficient.
    If it isn't under warranty then you fall back to consumer law, what would a person reasonably expect the product to last, this is harder as it is grey however is a stronger safety net, e.g. if they are a premium brand of battery and everyone else offers better warranties then you could argue that you would expect theirs to last longer, also generally speaking if an extended warranty is available to purchase ironically this indicates a person would expect the product to last that length of time and actually sort of removes the need to purchase it.

    However this all goes out the window if you did the damage, i am not an expert on batteries would it be decent to assume that leaving a battery sit for 6+ months with a slight drain could kill a cell, in that case warranty or consumer guarantees don't apply its like buying a brand new car, smashing it, then complaining the smashed out headlights don't work.

    Another question can you replace individual cells on these batteries? If so they sorta shit the bed on the whole thing when they threw it out, as now you are proper fucked and unless they told you in a way you understood and agreed to this may happen that's probably your angle.

    The bigger the company the more likely they are to give a shit about australian consumer law and consumer guarantees, smaller companies tend to get ignored by ACCC.

    I am not a lawyer, however i am in the retail industry and deal with this shit day in day out.


      The other issue now is that they have thrown out you property without permission, be interesting to see what the owner says about that. Might also be worthwhile reaching out to Optima USA?


        Redtops are advertised as having a 36 month warranty (

        Good argument there for warranty, even better argument given the fact that they threw it out.
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          I went through a similar thing with a Champion battery from Supercheap a couple of years back.

          Bought it from Supercheap, joined up with their stupid little club thing to get 20% off on the day, and their club apparently retains all the purchase receipts on the record.

          Battery dies about 18 months into a two year warranty, Supercheap refuse to honour the warranty because I didn't have the original receipt. And whoever signed me up to the club today didn't include that receipt in my 'club record of purchase' because they signed me up to the 'Club' after they receipted the battery.

          Whole thing was a steaming pile of bullshit because they actually had a record of my purchase of the battery but still wouldn't honour the warranty because I wasn't technically in their 'club' then. I gave up after 15 minutes of arguing with the desk fuckhead and simply won't buy anything from them again.

          But yes, my understanding is under consumer law you should be covered regardless of whether you have a receipt.


            I dunno what happened to optimas. They used to be awesome but the last couple I’ve had were junk


              Everyone else started buying Fullrivers or SSB. Better quality, less money.
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                Thanks for the responses. Have had a call back and the manager has no idea what is going on. He now seems to think it has a 3 year warranty... He remembers me coming in initially as he got me to drop it back in (and the car wouldn't crank over when I went to leave)
                They can't find my battery in the store and can't get hold of the supplier to see if they have it still, he says they won't throw out a battery without asking the customer..
                I have been promised an answer by wednesday.

                At this point I just wish I had bought a $100 special haha


                  You’re entitled to your battery back. If they have thrown it out they need to replace it otherwise it’s no longer a question of warranty but one of theft.
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                    Optima warranty even years ago was an issue... It's just that the batteries years ago were better so you rarely needed it... They usually blamed the huge car stereos we had, etc... But hey...

                    If they've thrown it out or can't find it, that's a great win as they need to replace it now... Otherwise as mentioned you can tell them to EAD as you have credit card statement which is valid .


                      Generally it will depend on the supplier or shop on warranty in this case. Reality is - that due to lack of maintenance (charging or driving), the battery has been allowed to go flat. When the battery is allowed to go dead flat, that is the most likely cause of it dropping a cell, although how they can prove why it dropped a cell is another story?
                      Ive had it before years ago - with repco, and was lucky that they didnt check or care, just replaced (same story - left connected in a car for 6mths and died).
                      So basically - I would keep onto them, and pursue the warranty, but in saying that - if you have already told them you allowed it to go flat, then you may not have a leg to stand on (apart from if they have in fact thrown your battery out - then they have to replace it, but nothign to say they have to replace it with a new one..... But as a sign of goodwill, they should replace with new)


                        cliff's: ya screwed the battery and you want them to get a new good one?
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                          Kinda sum it up, trying to pull a swifty when you fucked the battery is disappointing.

                          I had a yellow top fail back in 2009, top bowed out even thou it was the standard battery for a CRD wrangler, neither Jeep or Optima wanted anything o do with it.

                          Change brand, move on and start trickling when you leave a car for an extended period.


                            Optima batteries really dont like being run dead flat and truth be told, neither do lead acid batteries.



                              If they tell you it isn't covered. Then just ask for your battery back.

                              apparently it's gone. Ask for a new replacement.

                              I would stay quiet about the letting it go completely flat a few times though.

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