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Car ideas, daily 10-12k which will tolerate some track use

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    apparrently the XR4 gearboxes all break and they are not easily replaced? something like that
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      It's a little older than 10 years, but DC5 Integra Type S. Faster than type R, doesn't attract as much coin, looks better (imo).
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        I had a similar position a year back and wanted something trackable but registered, and ended up with basically a DC2R in an EK Civic shell. Cheap, quickish and super reliable. If I did it again though, I'd be looking at an MX-5, 350z or an EP3R Civic for K20 fasts. Clio also looks good though, but not sure if I'd have the patience for something french. Personally I'd stay away from AWD cars if you want to have a good time at the track. They're boring at most circuits unless ridiculously powerful. Also, my slower Civic is heaps more fun than my WRX around a track.

        I guess it comes down to how much you're willing to compromise on road comfort vs track speed - most of the road guys at the track always want to go that little bit faster.. and the cycle continues.


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          You dont want a cheap 135i. They are ticking time bombs when it comes to their common issues. Fast and fun to drive when they are working though.

          Volvo c30s arent as sporty as the xr5. They were geared to be more luxurious and niche sorta thing. They are reasonably quick, but bland to drive hard.

          Left field idea. Mini JCW.
          I know the 4 cyl E87 is a big bag of fail, but what goes wrong with the six pots?
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            Drove one of the 118i production racers once. Boring as batshit.
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              Originally posted by Jim View Post

              I know the 4 cyl E87 is a big bag of fail, but what goes wrong with the six pots?
              Coils and injectors fail. Injector drivers fail.

              Turbos and valve stem seals go faily regularly

              electric water pumps fail.

              there is the normal bmw plastic cooling system aids.

              Most of the crown wheels are welded to the centres, so are a prick to install an LSD.

              Turbos and intake packaging is a nightmare.

              Alloy brake caliper pistons break when you start doing track work.

              Great fun to drive when they actually work though.
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