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    I was pretty fond of my first car, a Datsun 120Y that I did a full restoration of when I was a teenager.

    More recently my WRX Type RA and Sierra Cosworth.

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      Exige - should never have sold the thing.


        Most of my car memories are of broken gearboxes and heartbreak.

        Surprisingly, the one that delivered years of trouble free service, countless nasho runs and track days was my Renault Sport Clio 182. Such a good little jigger and can be had for next to nothing now.

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          Alfa gt v6. Such an awesome highway cruiser, great motor and from some angles it looked the business. P plater wrote it off before it gave me problems so I'm probably biased.

          I kind of regret getting rid of my rs265. Practical but quick enough to be a lot of fun. Soo much grip!
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            Originally posted by clutch-monkey View Post
            another one on the rotary bandwagon..
            i don't miss the rally FC i had but the time capsule series 3 was such a cool museum piece. still on the original number plates. loved it despite the odd colour combo.

            I remember a friend rocking up with one of these in the same colour combo about 20 years ago. I wanted one at the time, but couldn't love the colour. Looking back, it's probably a great colour to buy because it would have had less molestation.
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              Miss so many of the early ones, i.e. 20'ish years ago I miss...

              1st car - RX2 sedan, ported 12A + 48IDA weber... purchased if off one of the guys at MazSprint @ Virginia back in the day.

              2nd car - Fiat 124CC, which was ahead of its time with factory twin cam, 5 speed, etc low and wide on 13" Rebel rims in mint restored condition.

              5th car - Pulsar ET turbo, really really clean low mileage car in unmolested condition, I found after I had owned a previous shitter ET Turbo which was a bad experience. I maintained stock [boxy] look, popular blue factory colour... lowered, and upgraded to BB T28 turbo, FMIC, ECU, H/D clutch etc was a tyre fryer.

              At some point in there was a factory dark green KE10 coupe with 2 speed ToyoGlide auto I scored out of the trading post for $500. Was far from perfect, but such a fantastic cruise car. Was SLOW to accelerate, and SLOW to stop with 4 wheel drum brakes, But really really wish I never sold it. Would have been a great base to restore to factory, as was 100% complete and original.


                I miss my last Series 3 XJ12, and the Triumph 2500PI that I wrecked to use the engine in a TR4 that I didn't really care about.
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                Originally posted by Marlin
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                  I miss only two cars, both the oldest I've owned...

                  Exhibit A

                  1977 Falcon XC wagon. Straight LPG, mild 351 Clevo, 4-speed manual, LSD, resprayed in Vitamin C. It was reliable, cheap to run, and I fell out of love with it to buy exhibit B...

                  Exhibit B

                  1965 Ford Galaxie hardtop. Left hook, I rebuilt everything on it except the seats and paint. Went like the clappers (eventually), daily driver for 7 years, owned for 9 I think? Will never be that cool again... here she is after some circle work in Gatton:

                  Actually fuck the wagon... the Gal is the one I miss the most.


                    My list if pretty lame.
                    Miss my first 121 Metro, bought it brand new as an apprentice mechanic and flogged the shit out of it. Wasn't overly quick, although I did find it's speed limiter a few times, but it did things which it really shouldn't have. Ended up rolling it into a ball, and walking away unhurt. Missed it so much I've bought another one.
                    Really regret selling the KH2 Verada wagon. Was fairly quick, comfortable, reliable and roomy. Had plans to fit a Sprintex supercharger but by then I'd leased a Grand Voyager, traded the Verada for a Colt for nopics.
                    Sort of miss the Voyager, just suited our needs so well. Don't miss the ever present threat of expensive problems though.
                    Annoyed I gave up on the Datshit 720, usual story big plans, no time/money.
                    And finally regret trading the Picasso for the Challenger. Did everything we wanted and was fairly fun to drive as well.


                      ​I have a lot of cars I miss but I think I miss this peak era for me

                      -Daily/tow BF2 XR6T Manual ute, performance was stock but still decent for a daily, towed sweet and lowered on some dumb low offsest 19in VS-KF that I got cheap
                      -Track a super dialed in and reliable sil80 that had all dumb fashion parts but also towards the end never had any big issues as had done RB25 box, had 240kw and just worked even at its silly height. Still had rego for sneaky late night runs so could shake down before track days but was stripped and low so couldnt drive on street too much
                      -Weekener S15 got lucky and bought at absolute bottom of S15 market 4ish years ago for less than 10K, everything done on a budget, MCA blues I got for cheap 2nd hand, Arms I picked up at upgarage, Fujibitso legalis exhaust I got super cheap off yahoo, Brides ergo/brix recliner combo, Blitz 03's I traded a diff for. Got pulled over in and a cop didnt care as wasnt too out there and drove everywhere not afraid to park at shops ect. Made money back for what I sold for but then S15 went up in value a tonne with P plate laws changing, even though mine was a JDM model. Now tryign to find another and mine would be worth 20ish

                      Combo of Drift days stopping at Wakie so nowhere to drift for a year less than 5H away and starting to look for a new house made big changes
                      Downgraded xr6 to Vy SS to get out of some debt. No drift made me strip sil80 to build dream street s13, which means no need for s15 as s13 would be same but better in theory. In reality im super parinod about driving s13 as slightly more illigal and a lot more effort to just jump in and drive. So dont just to go to shops ect like I would the s15 so only gets taken out whn going for drive for the sake of it. Then ended up building another track car when drift days started back up but now like the sil80, but with no rego and do things a lot more on the cheap. So no where near as dialed in and way more issues.

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                        Out of all the cars I've owned, I'd have my '81 S2 RX-7 (fuck, that was 20 years ago!) and my '84 Cuntery back.

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                          Never really been a fan of the VS-KF but they seem to suit the coon really well.


                            My GTi6 is the only one I really miss. Previous owner spent a lot of money and time on it. I've still never seen one in better condition than this one. Surprisingly didn't cost me anything other than routine maintenance while I had it, despite others horror stories. Such a beautifully balanced car, but it caught me out with lift off oversteer a couple of times.

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                            Originally posted by xbgs351
                            I'd hate to think of the mess that the barber would make of my top knot."
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                              Originally posted by ALLMTR View Post
                              I had a white early 3 door 323 with a bridge port 13b. I loved that car and miss it.
                              same but 5 door hatch. Stupid car for a P plater but I'm still alive.

                              I think this is from 2004? LG Flip Phone bro!

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                                Odd choice but I miss my VZ thunder crewman enough that I'm looking for another one.