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LGBTI Cars - MX5 vs 86/BRZ

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    LGBTI Cars - MX5 vs 86/BRZ

    A mate and i were talking shit on the phone last night about a "cheapish" registered car that would be fun for both daily duties and the odd track day / supersprint etc.

    He's got an IP car and thinking of getting out. I was building an N15 APRA car but life and the beer virus has slowed that up for now.

    Started discussing "what next" and i suggested an 86, he likes MX-5's (i'm not gonna judge his lifestyle choices). The idea was able to be driven everyday, fun and cheap to run, maintain working A/C etc. The more we talked the more i started thinking maybe an 86 wouldn't be a bad thing. Started looking at carsales and seems sub 15k for an older 86 with under 100k kms is do-able. Decent MX-5's are 5k cheaper but also considerably older. Probably (?) less straightline fasts also...

    From those that own either, what are your thoughts ?

    Just read Sam's MX-5 thread and his car looks great and seems fast for what it is. Has anyone done similar with an 86 / BRZ ?
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    Not eligible to participate because I don't own either but if you haven't seen it - the second last episode of MCM has a pretty brutally honest review of the 86/BR-Z.
    The interior definitely looks like a nice place to be though.
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      Wait for the new version 86 with the 2.4 in it to hit the shores, then buy an even cheaper 2.0.
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        Former ND owner


        but 86 is Max spec homo

        my justification mx-5’s are either stock or modded for track use and mostly have let’s just say more normal people driving them

        86’s are either stock or fucking spastic spec with fart can exhausts and have retarded fuckwit gay cunts driving them

        only second to poofters driving Golf R’s with crackle POP bang look at me I’m a fucking annoying cunt tune

        buy a Renault!


          Former homo MX5 owner checking in. Fucking love that lightweight handling life and cheap track hack maintenance.

          But I’d buy an 86 because just being newer and easier to find spares is worth it alone. Plus it must be stiffer per kg because it’s so much newer. I’ve weighed a few and they’re a couple hundred kegs heavier than the MX5 but you can strip more out of them


            86 isnt fast, but its faster than an MX-5, handles mint and comes with an LSD as standard unless you buy the povo auto (but why would you want to do that to yourself)

            They are excellent to chuck around, just need more power. The only reason i sold mine is because they make a pretty average daily for the same reason
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              Former MX5 owner, the 86 is a wet sock in comparison. My 2 cents.

              Buy a Renault.


                Originally posted by FioriGuy View Post
                Former MX5 owner, the 86 is a wet sock in comparison. My 2 cents.

                1998 MX5 - Ohlins DFV coilovers, Roll bar,15 x7.5 Konig Litespeeds, Mania Intake
                2014 Colorado LT - Oversized Whitegoods. Kid/bike/track hack/horse hauler.


                  Former mx5 owner

                  nb with a basic turbo kit
                  I own a two and a half litre Commodore


                    Disclosure: I own an NB.
                    They fucking rock.
                    Just saying. And with the roof down the world can see you rocking.
                    And they hate you, because they know you are having fun.
                    I avoided driving one for the longest time as I knew I would have to have one after I drove it. Treated it a bit like heroin.... (oops was that out loud?).
                    Weird thing about mx5.... they have like no horsepowers or killawasps, but throw them into corners and they just stick.

                    They are just so fun to drive.
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                      Originally posted by Reax View Post
                      Wait for the new version 86 with the 2.4 in it to hit the shores, then buy an even cheaper 2.0.
                      When does this happen ?

                      And fuck. I was hoping everyone would say 86...

                      Trackschool has hire MX-5's and an 86. I might have to hire both to compare. One thing that worries me is no roof though on the MX-5. I am pretty sensible on the road but a bit loose on the track when you can really push hard. Upside down MX-5 concerns me a little..

                      Ideally when we finish building the new pad i'd love to stick my HSV taxi in the garage and save it for weekends and daily something that i can thrash and have fun with as well. Batman did suggest a Renault but i was really hoping to avoid FWD if i can - otherwise it'd be an EK Civic with a K24 which would get out of hand fast.

                      20k max budget for this pipe dream, wife isn't working at the moment so F40 and Lambo options are off the table...
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                      The older i get, the better i was...


                        K24 mx5?
                        I own a two and a half litre Commodore


                          Nah. I could handle bolting a turbo kit onto an 86 or an MX-5 engine. But engine swaps etc are not something i really want to entertain. It's priority would be daily duties, and being on the road 3 days a week visiting various sites it'd probably clock up at least 300 kms a week.

                          I just got a text from my mate a couple of hours ago too. He's going to look at a DC5 Integra tomorrow. What a poof...
                          The older i get, the better i was...


                            XT BF falcon would be way more fun than both of these
                            1998 BT1 Sedan. RB30 plus baby seat
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                              Yeah, the first thing i think of when i say "fun to drive" is a BF Falcon.

                              I've already got two boats (a VF HSV and a Quintrex), why do i need another ?
                              The older i get, the better i was...