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LGBTI Cars - MX5 vs 86/BRZ

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    Some really really solid posts here guys - thanks, i really appreciate all the replies !

    To clarify a few things i guess - i'm not "sold" on one or the other. This is more a "Fuck it, do i really want a dedicated circuit car anymore ?" question - and then "If not, what do i do to keep me interested ?" Currently i don't have a trailer or suitable tow vehicle which is weighing heavily on my mind with a new home currently under construction - a decent dual cab ute and trailer is far more expensive than either option i was considering ? Plus then i'd have to daily a dual cab ute...

    My mate i mentioned made a lowball on the Integra and is waiting to hear back. I really like the "tail out" RWD style and for that reason only i'm trying to stay away from bum draggers. I also want something that i can drive daily yet comfortably handle a track day or take on a weekend run through some twisties and put a smile on the dial.

    I have a 7 year old daughter so that and lack of roof was one of my key "not MX-5" thoughts.

    So i guess the question is - if we threw in FWD as well, what's the best daily / track toy for sub 20k ? I'm still leaning towards an 86 / BRZ but given my mate has handed in his man card and may well be quicker with the Integra i may need to look at all options ?

    The older i get, the better i was...


      An 86 for all the previous reasons I stated:
      • better daily
      • 4 seats
      • roof
      • can take spare tyres to track
      • faster
      • better steering feel
      I'm contemplating upgrading from an mx5 for the same reasons.
      Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

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        On the Fwd bandwagon, what about a Mk6 golf gti ed35?
        170ish kilowasps, has all the modern shit you would need, Comes in 5 door for kid hauling.
        has the larger k04 turbo for more whoosh, can get it in DSG and manual and it has good aftermarket support.

        Also should be able to get a low km one for that money.


          Megane RS250 or RS265, get the belts done, Fresh pads in the Brembos and go and waste every other stock car described in the thread.

          They’re down in the $10-15k bracket now and if you don’t mind speed dimples there’s 1-2 a week going through the auctions down here for a lot less.

          Without $10k in the engine bay a MX5 or 86 is just outright slow. Nice to drive, fun, great handling, but slow.
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            Never owned either. And you nailed the only two cars in that category IMO. I get the attraction of cheap fun track car. No trailer etc.

            86 seem cheap. That one on MCM looked good value.

            I like MX5 - really good cars. I would go MX5.

            But 86 better school drop off car with back seats yeah? And roof. Actually thought about an 86 LS at one stage to do that same job, sat in one at WTAC and plenty of room. NIce interior.

            Definitely see Boz and ask and try. He has a day coming up. We all want to know what you decide!

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              Whatever happened to the MCM 350Z track project?
              Lots of minis & mokes including a G13b powered Sports Sedan, a couple of Swift Gtis, a Goggomobil, Porsche 928S, Polo Gti, BMW 540i, a WRX and a few others.


                I've been fortunate enough to drive a mild coyoda turbo kitted gt86 on 98 octane. It had bunch of good quality suspension bits too. The ride was excellent, it handled well and it had the correct amount of power. It was a very nice package.
                Which is what you will be checking out when you drive one.

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                  EP3 CTR and when you get bored of the power add a Rotrex.

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                    No doubt the Megane would be a quicker car. But my money is on the 86 and mx5 still lapping long after the frenchy has expired. And reliability becomes that much more important when you’re tracking a daily car.

                    The golf suggestion? Lol.
                    Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

                    My Italian 510


                      Think about it another way - what car will be cheap enough to repair if the worst happened and it was damaged?

                      ~10 years ago, I did a lot of Dutton rallies in a friend's Boxster S. It was probably worth 70-80k at the time. Equivalent to my net income of a year. I spent the whole time worried about how I was going to afford to fix it if I bent it.
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                        Is there much difference between the Toyota 86 and the Subi BRZ?



                          Originally posted by Guido View Post
                          No doubt the Megane would be a quicker car. But my money is on the 86 and mx5 still lapping long after the frenchy has expired. And reliability becomes that much more important when you’re tracking a daily car.

                          The golf suggestion? Lol.
                          Nah, Once you get into the 3rd generation Megane there’s no difference in reliability with correct maintenance, which you’d be doing with a Trackday car anyway.
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                            Originally posted by Spammy View Post
                            Is there much difference between the Toyota 86 and the Subi BRZ?
                            Some slight suspension tuning, Subie is less taily I think, a few styling differences and then its mainly down to interior features. 86 came in two specs, GT and GTS, while BRZ had one, with most of the GTS fruit.
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                              I've owned both as road registered track cars, and I would pick the 86 every time.
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                                Originally posted by Captain_Slow View Post
                                I owned an NB which I sold to buy an 86. I would have kept the NB longer, but I ended up in this weird situation where I was commuting in the MX-5 because I liked driving it more than my VE SS, wanted to keep doing that, but needed something with a back seat. The 86 is sort of a bigger, more practical but still small and light feeling car in that respect.

                                It really does depend what you want, and what you need.

                                I'll note that I haven't driven an NC/ND MX-5, but compared to my NB the 86 is faster, has less body roll, better steering feel, far better seats, and felt more settled to drive over my favourite back road. It's far more usable as a daily, having more interior space, a back seat, a bigger boot, and slightly more ground clearance.

                                The MX-5 has a different feel, which I think comes from being smaller and from you sitting pretty much right ahead of the rear axle, whereas in the 86 you're more in the front half of the car. You feel the difference in how the MX-5 rotates around you. The MX-5 also sounded better, had a nicer gearshift (although both are good), and the big's really hard to beat how a convertible feels with the roof down on the right kind of day. I'd chuck the roof down on the way home from work if the weather was nice, just because.

                                I don't know why PF has decided to turn against the 86 recently. It's like people want there to only be FWD hatchbacks and diesel SUVs. I reckon it's the most satisfying car I've owned - not the fastest, not the best, but the most satisfying. It's not going to thrill in a straight line, but neither will an MX-5. Both are realistically fast enough if you want to daily them. Both will also feel frustratingly slow if you don't also own a faster car and want that sensation once in a while.

                                I rate the 86 pretty highly for the price, but I'd also happily own another MX-5. It might just come down to what you get in either at that price point, if you prefer the feel of one over the other, or if you need the 86's extra practicality.
                                It's an interesting problem that's for sure. For dailying and some weekend fun, i think of the two the 86 is going to win- it's just more practical, newer, quieter.

                                Having said that, and having driven the 86 and your NB back to back, I don't understand why anyone would want an 86 over an MX-5 as a drivers car.. the steering feel is not as good IMHO, the gearshift as awful by comparison, and it just feels big and heavy...

                                I don't know that a 86 is really that much faster on track in anyway that matters.. Most stock engined 86's at wakefield will pull maybe 2 cars lengths on my MX-5 on the straight, but for the rest of the lap I can keep up no problems unless its someone with talent and//or a lot of tyre under their car.. The only place i really lose is into the last corner, cos of the bumps and no ABS on my car...

                                I've flogged my mx-5 to the limiter in 2nd and 3rd at wakefield for a full hour without doing any cool down laps in the middle, and it just does it, never gets hot. I've run 1.13.5 at wakefied consistently on flat spotted 205 AR-1s.... it should run easy 12s on fresh rubber, or 11s on AO50s with someone like Boz behind the wheel.

                                My mx-5 is loud-ish (through cowl induction and exhaust) stiffly spung, 1.5 way diff, roll bar, fixed back seat, and I happily drive it to work whnever I can and usually end up driving the long way home over the cotter- it's epic in the tight stuff, and once it's up in the 140 + range on the open flowing stuff, it just soo good... It'll run to the limiter in 4th freely ..

                                I didn't buy my mx-5 cos it was convertible, I bought one inspite of it, but it's turned out to be one of my favourite things about it- late night, mid winter, beanie on, stars in a clear sky, early morning hills run heater on, flat out, and you can hear & feel everything..

                                I keep on talking about upgrading- and occasionally I go - yeah 86 and harrop supercharger, MCA's, cusco diff, but nah... by that point you're in for 30 K plus.. and for the money I'd rather go gravel rallying in something for 15-20 K, and spend the extra of running the car for a few events.

                                I think the Porsche idea is interesting personally cos I really want one, and fo me it's the 'dream, but acheivable toy car' but I don't think I could bring myself to drive a 50 +K road car the way I drive my mx-5 at the track, cos I can build a replacement MX-5 for 10 K...

                                Having spend hours and hours online , everything I've read about the 986 and 987 Cayman and Coxster says to me $$$$$ to make them live reliably at the track. -deep sump, motorsport AOS, 3rd radiator as a minimum ...and it's not like replacing a 86 or mx-5 engine when if it dies cost wise...

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