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POR15 vs KBS vs Rust Bullet vs Raptor vs ???

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    Originally posted by mizone View Post

    Well the Duplicolour was sold out at Supercrap. I did grab the last bottle of Bully Liner and will use a roller to apply. Will post pics once I get some time to do it.
    Just finished applying Bullyliner to the edges of the tray, tailgate edge and tailgate on the inside.

    Fucking horrible stuff. As it's a small area I had to brush it on. Roller is a waste of time. Just pushes the product around. Will post photos once dry.

    Cleaned area with wax and grease remover
    Sanded with 40 grit
    Cleaned area twice with acetone
    Wiped dry (with shop towels) to be sure
    Using the roller I put on a tack coat
    Second coat with roller just lifted the product
    Roller with another tack coat
    Brushed on five thin coats

    It's not friendly, use a respirator
    It ate through my nitrite gloves
    Water clean up is off you only, brushes are done, so is paint tray
    Isn't an even paint job with a brush
    You use a LOT of product. I'd need three tins (3litres) just to do the tailgate and edges if I used a gun

    Washes off you with water
    Using the brush run the length of the job and you get a nice looking finish
    Leaves a clean sharp edge with proper painting tape
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      We use raptor on sliders and chassis etc at work. Comes up mint.

      But it can also be hard to get atm
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        Photos during the process. Waited till early evening for the temp to be 20oC (it was a 25oC day).

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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        Let overnight to dry, about 14 hours later
        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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        Overall came up better than when it went down, still I reckon spray gun is the only method to get it on. Prefer the Dupicolour stuff I used on the Mustangs fuel tank and wheel wells.
        Click image for larger version

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        Scary part was when nopics Toxologist came outside and told me to put a respirator on cos "Something chemical name something VOC something bad" when the products MSDS didn't state anything like that. She was pretty concerned about it since it claims to be friendly when brushed on. It also ate, worryingly, through my nitrile gloves.
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