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Need some wiper blades, what's decent?

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    Need some wiper blades, what's decent?

    Hi all,

    I'm after some wiper blades for a 2013 Camry (not mine!) just wondering what's decent before I go out and get some,

    There is also the option of getting some genuine Toyota ones if they are decent but probably wouldn't be cheap.

    Should I just get them from supercheap or autobarn or are there places online that will save me some $$$?


    If you want really nice wipe, get the bosch aerotwin.

    I liked them a lot.

    If you want basic "camry motoring" then go buy a new insert for $6 or so from Repco and just put it in the existing wiper. (note: don't drop wiper assembly onto windscreen when there's no rubber in it...)


      I put these on our Suzuki last week, I'm very fussy about wipers and these are fantastic. Ordered them at lunch time and they were on my door step the next morning at 10am.



        I used to just buy the normal inserts, but I thought I'd try something different this time. Went with the ones, as they had heaps of positive reviews.

        I was impressed, they definitely work miles better than the old style wipers. Would recommend.


          The quality of Aerotwins has dropped. My last two sets have been shite on the Golf. Skipping and generally being garbage.

          Have tried everything but I think the rubber they use now is cheap and nasty.


            I have some aerotwins on the Skoda, about 18-24m old. Due for replacement as the car is outside 24/7, so I generally swap them out every couple of years. Current set have been fine though.

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                080GMH, which advertising company do you work for?

                Asking for a 2013 Camry owner.
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                  Think I have Bosch on the merc, seem to work well. Have to check out the wipertech ones next time.


                    Thanks for the replies, was keen on the bosch aerotwins but not if they don't last long.

                    Will look into uniwiper or wipertech a bit more. They both sound pretty decent.

                    Originally posted by mizone View Post
                    080GMH, which advertising company do you work for?

                    Asking for a 2013 Camry owner.
                    lol, what do you mean by that?


                      Just ordered some Bosch Aerotwins, the Tridon inserts I put on the Lexus only a few months ago are shithouse! They skip, squeal and streak in any rain. Car is garaged. Kind of weird since I never had an issue with those blades before?

                      The SCA flex beam things have been working great for a long time on the landcruiser now.
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                        I've had no problem with Aerotwins on 3 different vehicles


                          Have used Wipertech's offerings with excellent results in the past, and tends to work out cheaper than ReperCheapAutobursons.

                          Need new ones for the Megane so will give a set of Uniwipers Spammy recommended a go. They appear to be the 'flexblade' type but they also offer replacement inserts to suit for $25 (for the pair) to save you junking the whole arm every 12 months.

                          Certainly can't complain about their service - had an issue with their website trying to order the rear arm to suit, emailed their support address after 10PM, the guy replied within 10 minutes saying he'd fixed the problem. Received my shipping confirmation first thing this morning.
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                            Yeah their support is ridiculously good. They must put a lot of time into it. Postage was next day as well. I was impressed from an Aussie company.


                              Left this thread. Went to another site and got a wipertech advert
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