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    Originally posted by fury View Post
    So what is the PF brains trust on this.. What is the current state of the market right now? Seems a little to be slowing in terms of other cars, especially with lockdowns all over most of the country that matters.

    Is it worth putting up an R32 GTR "as is" with a couple of rust spots that need attending and new clutch without a care for 60's... or try and spend that extra $10k + time (I have no time) to maybe get $70k+ . Thinking if I list it now and point out some of the bad points, that might come back to bite me in a few weeks if I do end up fixing some of those things.

    Cheapest on carsales is $82k now (wtf?! was $70k about 2 weeks ago). If I list it now, it would be the cheapest R32 GTR in the country.

    I'm a bit over a car I drive for 15 mins once a month, when I could buy a brand new thing.
    You could probably sell it on PF
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      Heaps of articles/videos/posts/blogs popping up explaining why the R33 isn't actually a boat, seems like the great unwashed in America followed the advice. I'm curious where things will 'end up', if the market ever stabilises / goes 'normal'.


        Originally posted by fury View Post
        Oh yeah.. r33 gtr prices have gone fully nuclear. What you could have bought for 35k 12 months ago is now 80k+. Almost a no brainer.

        Make a 100% return in less than 12 months...cgt free. Lol
        I just looked past night the ugly ass gold one that was on car sales for mid 60s is gone, I think mine was 70 and looking at car sales if there is any relevance is more like 90.

        I also have a VE Maloo with 29k km on it, seems like they are work 70 lol. I paid 35 with 9000km 4 years ago.
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