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Pathfinder ST vs MUX LS-T 7 seater

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    Originally posted by jgryder View Post

    We did think about this but Ford seems to have a pretty bad history of after sales support and are those models as well put together as the falcon/territoy were? Car might be great but we normally buy for long term ownership so not sure if the everest fits that.
    That's fair enough. We were looking at others, but a mate has had the Everest for a bit, and it's been great for him. It has 5 year warranty, and what surprised me was that it covers corrosion. The one thing that is a first world problem with the car is that the user interface on the touch screen is pretty crap, and not as swish as other vehicles in market. But it has Apple CarPlay so that's not a huge problem for me, and the AC can be controlled via buttons as well. Separate rear climate controls as well, which can also be locked from the front if kiddos aren't playing nice/shouldn't be touching.