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Thought exercise: which ICE car to buy and hang on to?

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    If I didnt have the supra, exige if I could afford it, 400z otherwise. I dont think most 90s jap stuff is really worth the buy in price at the moment.
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      A dirty carburetted V8 that makes heaps of noise and not much power in a car with no power steer, ABS, A/C or power windows.

      oh wait...


        I'm pretty happy that I bought my rx7 when I did, I think I will try to grab a V8 something and chuck on a positive displacement blower with a high stall once I have tuned the rx7, given nearly everything has gone stupid price wise recently it might have to be a v8 swapped XJ Jag and just put up with the fiddly maintenance.


          I'm glad I've got a big block 68 impala auto and a 64 Chevelle ( 4 speed manual ) in the shed.

          Daily is a 2020 Mustang GT auto.

          Had a Porsche 964 carerra 5 speed manual coupe years ago. Miss that one a lot.

          Done the 80s / 90s turbo jap car thing. Too expensive now for what they are.

          Happy to drive a Taycan Turbo home on the odd occasion from work though.
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            Plus something like a 911... Seems to be a pretty common theme!
            and an old school muscle car, assuming I could afford one ever post covid
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              Guess I've already done it by pure fluke. P​​icked up a new exige 410 in December without any real thought process or consideration for one at the time.

              But now realise there really isn't much in the same vein as far as new cars when the question of what is the next car comes up. ​Cannot see me selling it given the way things are going.



                Along with the required electric daily, I intend on holding onto my Monaro, it makes the right sounds, gives me the right feels plus still looks good to my eye.

                I wanted to also add a manual 991 911 but it seems everyone will want a 911, could be unobtanium.


                  Looks at thread, looks in shed.. Yeah I think I'm OK here..

                  Only 2 more possibles to add .. A mk2 escort in grp4 rally spec, and z4m coupe..

                  1998 MX5 - Ohlins DFV coilovers, Roll bar,15 x7.5 Konig Litespeeds, Mania Intake
                  2014 Colorado LT - Oversized Whitegoods. Kid/bike/track hack/horse hauler.


                    Australia will be dragged kicked and screaming into this.. it will be entertaining.

                    I've been thinking about this a bit lately, although more in terms of what will be my "last" petrol car for the next 4-5 years, before sell it for an EV, and hopefully don't drop my pants on it. Something around 0-5 years old, nothing above about $80k, but well received as being some of the best of the "last petrol dinosaurs" that people would still want to hold or desire even with EV's everywhere. Probably trackable as well so not too fragile. List at the moment is:

                    * M2 or M3
                    * Yaris GR4 Rallyeye
                    * C63
                    * Cayman 6cyl
                    * A90 supra
                    * FT86 (the new or the older one)
                    * MX5 (current model)

                    What do you guys think? (And do us all a favour and let's not turn this into a debate about whether electric cars are good or bad, they're coming, deal with it. And if anyone says Golf GTI or some shit I call for an instaban).
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                      I am in this position of choosing the last conventional petrol car, one thing that I considered was the availability of spares as time goes might make a few of the more unique cars a more complex proposition if spares are not available....

                      Porsche seem to have good parts available and seem to be looking at synthetic fuels...(also their owner demographic would go some way to ensuring parts)
                      Nissan allows me to still get new parts for my 20-30year old cars and seem to be supporting the R32 GTR again which is great, but will they do the same for the 400z in 20-30 years?
                      Toyota stuff just doesn't break
                      Merc always seem to have spare parts but you pay for them!
                      Spose you can always fiberglass up a lotus exige (or carbon fibre it!) and you can always get toyota v6 parts from a wrecker......
                      Not sure what the BMW situation is. Although an M2 competition was on my list, a colleague had a bad experience with the m5 v10 though so it kinda put me off....

                      For italian options, the cost of spare parts scares me now, let alone a 30 year old one!

                      Course if we can sort 3d printing or billet parts become cheaper than we should be fine!

                      In terms of suggestions, the only two that I hadnt seen listed are (although the prices are of course nuts and not available new)

                      Holden VF SS
                      Ford/FPV with the turbo six.


                        Just to seem like an automotive Noah's Arc, I'll,take the rotary corner. For me, the engine and engineering is fascinating, even with thier flaws.

                        I'm keeping an rx7 spirit r, and have just bought a new crate engine from mazda, just in case.


                          I’m happy with the GR Yaris, clearly. It should serve me well long term and is likely the last of its kind for a while. Wish I could afford the Rallye but am infinitely happy with what I have.
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                            Originally posted by blur
                            have just bought a new crate engine from mazda, just in case
                            Tell em the price son!


                              Basically anything that is the opposite of an electric car. So manual, lightweight and offering actual driver involvement. And to a certain extent not having torque.

                              As I have a few older cars I've been wondering this myself. Classic Minis are through the roof value wise currently, as is 80's Japanese stuff. At what point does the value start going down because they're too hard to run?

                              Fuel is an insignificant portion of this calculation. If fuel was 10 times the cost it is it wouldn't add a huge amount to the cost of running my old Mini/MR2/Valiant. Mainly because they don't collectively do that many kilometres anyway. I can see some ethanol based fuels being indefinitely available.


                                Something that will be illegal in the future, say a Westfield or a Manx VW beach buggy.
                                Lots of minis & mokes including a G13b powered Sports Sedan, a couple of Swift Gtis, a Goggomobil, Porsche 928S, Polo Gti, BMW 540i, a WRX and a few others.