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Car insurance is becoming Ike medical insurance

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    Originally posted by mizone View Post
    +1 Enthusiasts. Daily and two rarer cars with them. Asked questions and were easy to deal with. Haven't made a claim with them
    Have my daily with them. On par with other insurance companies prices but Enthusiasts were pretty spot on with value and had better features for me
    Them, Shannons, and whatever others are around (if you could prang your car a few times in the next few months & then tell us of your claims experiences with Enthusiast we'd much appreciate it, ta! ) will usually do a daily for a good price if you've got something weird-arse with them.

    It's occurred to me before that if you had the room, you could buy some strange old unregistered wreck that nobody wants (I dunno ... a trashed Peugeot 206?) and insure that "project" with the likes of Enthusiast, and you'd save enough money on your Camry's and CRV's insurance in just the first year to cover the cost of buying the wreck ...
    Soft roaders represent an excellent compromise between the needs of the hardcore 4x4 user and the convenience of a city hatchback. Its clear to see why they have become so popular in todays society.


      With enthusiast on a 1M on a low use 3,000km pa policy.
      Elected to raise agreed value from 70k to 90k Inc some previously divulged basic mods (5k Billy 2 ways, full PPF, brembos). Actually shared a spreadsheet with them with every single detail portraying my ocd or actual completeness.

      ​​​​​​Premium went from 1200 with a 600 excess to 1700 with an 800 excess. Not great but better than the rest.

      I'm personally losing interest in road cars due to the insurance industry. I might seem to nitpick on an important but necessary thing that contributes to the big picture of car ownership. But, If I could go all sjw on a single subject, it'd be the cunty generalisations where every cunt on Dashcams Au is apparently considered the standard by this industry. It's so bullshit, I've put suburbs with higher crime rates, and the premium is better. Put my neighbours address with no garage, and the premium is better. The fuckhead (Allianz) even admitted that they discount to new customers for another "normal" car. Worse than banks that literally won't match an interest rate and their excuse is "that's only for new customers", wtf?
      I've partially concluded Willoughby metro is actually wirroughby to them probably because of all the retarded idiots in Chatswong crashing into eachother or actually immovable objects.
      And I don't think agreed values are actually a great thing especially now with used car prices moving all over the place. I'd much rather a market value policy. Touch wood, I never have to go through it but I'd think market value literally means a carsales dealer advertised average of similar cars with 10% dealer premium knocked off for quick settlement.

      Some of you realised in this thread, new cars are always easier to insure. It just fits in with the 3 yr lease leveraged to the neck norm of society today.


        Edit: They're watching!
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          I've got our Skoda Fabia with Enthusiast......and switched my Jetta over as well. Neither are unique or performance.
          Maybe it's the low KMs they do, but there was no issues with the insurance.

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   I did an online quote with Enthusiest and premium is slightly cheaper than GIO ($7.22 per month).

            But it didn't give insured value of the car any option to adjust it. And no PDF with terms and conditions so I don't know what else is covered or not covered.

            Edit: Just added my nopics as a second driver (full licence, no claims or traffic offences for past 5 years) and premium shoots up to be slightly more expensive(70c per month) than GIO. The GIO premium did not change adding nopics to it.

            So I think I will stay with GIO for now


              Yup, as my cars are becoming older the usual guys no longer want to insure them.

              Just like medical insurance.