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    Name: Phil
    Username: Really? You really cant figure this bit out?
    Occupation: Plumber/drainer/gasfitter
    Phone number: 0410 318 323
    Does Cashies: Ken Oath

    We do everything and anything related to plumbing, mostly commercial shop fitting and large developments (residential and commercial) but happy to help with anything PF needs.
    Originally posted by Dimi
    80mm of penetration isn't bad, i wish i had that much.
    Originally posted by schnitzelburger
    My entire working career pretty much consists of suckin dick and takin names.

    Sometimes im too busy to take names.


      Name: Matt
      Username: lexar
      Occupation: Internet Marketing - Google AdWords / FB Advertising / SEO / Conversion Optimisation / Google Analytics / Affiliate Marketing etc - if you're selling stuff online I can generally improve your sales or even if you're just promoting an offline business online.

      Previously worked for one of Australia's largest online businesses and also consulted to the QLD government on online marketing.

      Location: Currently travelling South America but the nature of my job allow me to do it anywhere that I have a net connection.
      Phone number: Travelling so no - can Skype/Email/IM etc
      Does Cashies: Absolutely
      Originally posted by Dave
      yes, we all fuck supermodels, do you not? If not, you are out of the 'cunts who fuck supermodels' club!


        Perfect mix of sports and luxury... Like an automotive version of a mullet


          Name: Paul
          Username: Mr Goat
          Occupation: Air con Tech - Break downs and installs
          Location: Perth
          Phone number: PM me
          Does Cashies: yup


            Name: Cheapy
            Username: Cheapracer
            Occupation: Engineer
            Location: China West
            Phone number: PM me
            Does Cashies: Yes

            Light to heavy engineering jobs, need that 2 meg windmill housing pronto? Need a bridge? How about some 1 meter diameter rollers for a mining conveyor? Any large or small engineering projects welcome.

            We build on a regular basis; Cold Isostatic Presses from 200mm to 2.5mm 100,000psi+, Gantry mills currently prototyping 2.4 and 3.2 meter swing with 3 x 3 meter gantry clearance and 5 meter bed. Will build gantries to your size, 3 or 5 axis German heads. We also do general large milling processes for some of China's biggest companies, vertical horizontal, multi axis and rotary.

            Developing a R&D and Living Center for foreigners who are interested in prototyping any invention or product (in general line with our areas) at our cost in return for first refusal for manufacturing, we will also fund your patent in your name, no catches. If you have a great idea we will feed you and make it for you.

            Currently have one of China's finest PhD's in materials specializing in plastics which umbrellas all fibreglass related materials such as C/F, Kevlar and many you have never heard of.

            Have interest and ability to develop and produce low volume race car parts to order in almost any material. 20 engineers on staff and various CNC processes available as well as relationship within this city with literally any type of machining operation you could name including any castings in any material from iron, aluminium to any fancy alloy matrix and ceramics such as zirconia.


              Originally posted by toddy View Post
              Restricted Electrical Licence. I mainly work on 45/90/180KVA Aircraft Generators and Aircon units.
              can you make our APMs do skids??
              Tow car/camping bus: 2011 D40 Navara ST

              Baby mobile: 2016 Nissan Qashqai

              75 Mini Clubman club racer - DCOE powah


                Name: Jason
                Username: mr031
                Occupation: auto electrician
                Location: brisbane
                Phone number: 0402299513
                Does Cashies: depends who is asking



                pm me for all auto electrical and air con work, conversions to air con to scan tools. :knock:


                  Name: Myles
                  Username: turbovaliant
                  Occupation: Metalworker
                  Location: Brisbane
                  Phone number:0409490956
                  Does Cashies: habadashery

                  Stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel fabrication, stainless steel benches, handrail projects, aluminium gates, etc.


                    Name: Rdyno
                    Occupation: Mechanical technician certificate 3 light automotive
                    Location: Canberra
                    Phone number: pm
                    Does Cashies: Only unless you want to pay my boss shitloads of cash:D


                      Name: Ryan
                      Username: XAC15T
                      Occupation: Freelance copywriter/journalist
                      Location: Sydney
                      Phone number: 0403 847 180
                      Does Cashies: Come at me
                      Social media marketing for the automotive industry (plus a motorsport blog) -


                        Name: Ben
                        Username: Benski
                        Occupation: Auto Electrician/ Mechanic / Business Owner
                        Location: Hunter Valley
                        Phone number: 0413 346 085
                        Does Cashies: Fo Sho, plus trade discount to other PF business owners/operators, beer trade also welcome!


                          Name: Neil
                          Username: audineil
                          Occupation: Builds race engines, tunes race engines, looks at squiggly lines to make you go faster. Sometimes the squiggly lines are black ones on the road.
                          Location: Queanbeyan
                          Phone number: 0417656943
                          Does Cashies: Not usually.
                          I never met a horsepower I didn't like.


                            Name: Paul
                            Username: Mr Parts
                            Occupation: sell go fast parts, -AN fittings specialist (can plumb up whole cars), fabrication (anything from intercooler pipes, exhaust manifolds, roll cages, etc etc), rotary engine rebuilds & rotary engine specialist, efi ecu supply & install & dyno tuning. Been doing it for > 10 years now!
                            Location: parts = the internets, everything else = outer outer northern 'burbs melbourne
                            Phone number: 0429981101 (but fo real if you ring, leave a fucking message if i dont answer!) > prefer or pm here
                            Does Cashies: Does the ATO read this thread??
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