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Toowoomba - Oil/Gas company - Workshop -> field position (entry level)

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    Toowoomba - Oil/Gas company - Workshop -> field position (entry level)


    Chasing a new lad or lady.

    Before you read on, for field work:
    You should know how to use excel. So basic formulas etc.
    You should know basic math skills. This is core in the long term.
    You should have a mechanical mind, hence asking on PF. It's how I got in to the industry along with a few other PF'ers, so if you know your way around a toolbox and basic mechanical principles with cars/engines its the same basic knowledge base required.

    3 to 6 months workshop based, typical 8 to 4:30 job mon-fri.

    Then graduate into entry level field work, assisting blokes as required, learning how to apply some workshop knowledge to the field.

    In the shop you'll have a laundry list of pleb tasks, shit like a morning checklist, running some errands, assisting with servicing down-hole tools, keeping the place from turning into a quagmire, little bit of inventory etc. Some of it's annoying like washing a vehicle now and then, doing pre-job vehicle checklists etc. Some is great where you'll be master of your own domain when it comes to doing a job how you want and managing your own weekly shitlist, as long as the result is right.

    The field work turns into a 2wks on/off roster, or 3/2 etc in time.
    Field work involved travelling to a wellsite or drilling rig, doing some meet and greet, some maths, running equipment as per procedures, staying in remote locations at times with no mobile reception (still got comfy beds and shit).

    Basic needs:
    Forklift license
    Manual car license
    Ability to count..... (don't ask)

    There is scope there to maintain being a workshop guy and not progressing to the field too, as there is a permanent need for that. So assisting with inventory, process, and assist in some R&D work in the future. So I wouldn't mind seeing a semi retired guy that's pretty handy in this role.

    It's a growing company and I've recently come aboard, and couldn't be happier with the decision if that's any consolation.

    Email me at for any questions or resumes etc.
    Originally posted by Bosshoggett
    If your planing to drive this on the road and enjoy it, id suggest a second opinion, someone with a history in Australian Rally or Fink River . If your just playing dyno comps. Then ok

    Sounds like a pretty good gig to get a foot in the door
    Envy is Ignorance, Imitation is Suicide - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Originally Posted by Stang:
    particularly when your body is functioning like a 1970s Alfa made by drunken chimpanzees on a Friday afternoon


      Would be all over this if I were younger!

      Have you heard??


        As Ian says, this is how both of us got into the industry, and 8 years later we're still doing it.

        Be willing to ask questions, willing to work hard when needed, and it's a great job.