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Workcover: Requesting a Review of the Premium.

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    Workcover: Requesting a Review of the Premium.

    For the last few years I 'employed' sub-contractors in my little business, but with the Gumbyment rule changes around sub-contractors a couple of years ago, I was forced to put a new employee on full time - along with all the BS that goes with it...
    I finally got my Workcover Premium in the mail and the figure is IMHO too high for the work we do - 1.70% of my employees remuneration.

    Now, I have the right to have it reviewed by my underwriter within 60 days. I have the request form however they also require "A letter with detailed reasons in support of your request for review".
    Now I have NFI what they mean by a 'detailed letter', what they want in it or how to frame it correctly.
    Have any PF Cunts ever done this?
    Any ideas on how to frame the letter and what to put in it?

    Or should I not bother? What's the possibility of them INCRESING the premium after I've submitted my request?!

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    What sort of work are the employees doing?


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        Ah ok. Thats what I thought.

        The way I see it, a trade based business is always going to have higher premiums than a white collar job but with power tools, manual handling etc etc "you" are probably over represented in claims and will likely struggle to get WC to see sense.

        What do you have in the way of risk assessments and such that you can use to push your case for a premium reduction?


          What classification are they calling you?

          Either of these?

          S94120 Automotive Body, Paint and Interior Repair 0.991% 2.165%
          S94190 Other Automotive Repair and Maintenance 1.001% 1.727%
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            I imagine there are a couple of approaches to this process.
            1) argue that they have miss classified your business,
            2) argue that you have a great safety record and a bunch of over the average safety procedures that mitigate their risk and that should be assessed rather than just using their actuarial tables.

            the first one is easy, find a better classification or industry that has lower claims/risk and let them know why you think you are in this classification.

            The second one will be harder because you are effectively saying my business is a unicorn that your statistics and their years of analysis don’t apply to and they need to send someone to individually assess the risks. This will require a shed load of doco to support your claim. I do a bit of risk assessment in my role and the investment you are going to have to make to lower your 1.7% premium to 1% is not going to stack up.
            Let’s say your employee is on the lower end of the PF pay scale at $200k, and your argument succeeds to take from the high end to the lowest end of the WC scale. Premium goes from $3400 down to $2000. That best case scenario gives you $1400 to play with to write the best possible procedures for your industry, train all of your staff in them, put a quality assurance process in place to ensure that they are being followed and spend a day or three of your time arguing with an insurance company that goes not give a fuck about you.

            Might be easier to find a cheaper insurance company or a better broker. The pricing for things like WC are just another way to screw with small business.

            I wish you luck


              Your second point, not knowing Victoria, if it is like Qld is taken into account. There is a base rate then as you claim or don't claim your % varies up and down from the base rate. In South Australia as far as I know it does not vary, I have never used WorkCover in Victoria.
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                Thanks for the replies on this gents.

                The short version: After talking to other people in the same and similar industries about what they pay, I decided to just pay it.
                If I so wish I can ask for a review next financial year, although I have to be careful as they may send an inspector out...
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