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    Originally posted by hrd View Post
    righto, I've fixed that up.
    thanks again


      did my first ever track day

      ND MX5 2L

      Sandown 1:33:797

      i feel like i went faster next session with the roof on, but lap timer recorded the whole session and didnt give lap times

      stock engine, PS4 tyres, lowering springs, and lots of missed and grinded gears along the way here and there

      i didnt ask anyone else, but is the time good bad ugly???

      Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0899.jpg Views:	0 Size:	737.8 KB ID:	7097734
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        Added. Video looked like it was well driven to me. Judging by that I'd say it's a pretty decent time for the car.


          Thanks, but I’ve got no idea

          never driven a track before

          didnt have any instruction,

          id like to get more into it, but I don’t want to start modding it, I’ve calculated once I do this then that etc... may as well sell it and buy something for less that’s quicker stock then mid that

          then damn where does it stop

          sandown was fun, but the 2 drag strips weren’t the MX5’s home, did manage 181.5km/h on the GPS in another season which is 10km/h more than I though it’d get to

          plus I drove it too hard, it’s basically factory stock other than what I mentioned above and I did almost 60 laps on the day, did 180km distance (got my money’s worth) each session I basically did 14 laps flat out , it didn’t complain but my brake pedal is a bit long now

          tyres and brakes are still good though, benefit of a lightweight slow car though, MR AMG was very disappointed to hear it was only 118kw and only 3 sec slower than his with 375kw considering he had 50km/h minimum on me down the straights

          after watching other track videos I see lots of room for improvement

          probably sell it before I catch the bug, as it’s a disease I can’t afford!


            Even though this very thread is about laptimes. Your mindset needs adjustment imo. If you're chasing laptimes, all you're going to do is end up paying to win rather than improve your abilities. That's probably the exact predicament MR AMG fell into. Did lol.
            For your first time, seems above average to me just going off the video. No idea what tyres, pads, alignment you run - everything makes a difference.


              I think the time is very good for a first event, I have done sandown once in my old nb8A in 35's I think and while ND's usually always overtake me in a straight line they aren't much quicker, so I reckon a 33 on normal road tyres like PS4's is pretty good. Maybe another second or so with more practice but not much. Unless you want to go the whole hog with aero and turbo's etc like lightyear/beavis in an MX5, it is not worth chasing fast lap times in them, their strength is handling so just good tyres and brakes that can handle the 60 laps is what you want. They are ideal for being able to go out and just thrash all day and have fun in the corners and then drive home.


                1st Lakeside Street Sprint of the year last Saturday. My Commo went a second faster with some mild suspension upgrades and the 20" street tyres. Semis next I think...
                hrd VE SS Commodore Federal ST1 300TW stock + King SSLHD, Monroes, swaybars 1:03.94 Natsoft 18/01/2020

                It was a little twitchy the way I had the swaybars setup (soft front and hard rear) but I'll fix that for next time.


                  Bryant park clockwise - 59.91 BMW E36 328i, full interior, coil overs, weldie, Old michelin road tyres 07/12/19

                  Bryant park clockwise short - 41.26 BMW E36 318is, stripped interior, coil overs, weldie, Yokohama AD08R 09/12/18

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