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    Against my expectations, I really enjoyed the 1 hour FP sessions...the track was always busy, and nobody has any time to sit in the pits waiting for the street sweepers to do their jobs.

    Lando looked on point, and Sergio's race pace wasnt too shabby either.

    Of course we all know that Merc run with down turned engines in FP sessions, but I think that the field has closed up more than expected....Cant wait for the full quali sims in FP3, to see who is still keeping an ace up their sleeve.

    As a side note, I was really happy that Mick had 2 trouble free sessions and ended both of them ahead of his team mate, and also, ahead of Latifi


      FP3 shows merc lacking, RB in front bu a tidy margin.

      but are they still sandbagging? it is the track for excess sand.


        Anyone got a PF fantasy team going?
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          Alpha Tauri looking fast. Grid looking pretty close, just in time for the rule change.
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            Just like MotoGP, the first quali session of 2021 F1 was a ripper!!!

            So glad to see Max take pole (not sure I ever thought I would catch myself saying that?)

            The Merc's are not far behind, and race pace was very close between both teams...its anyone's guess who can win this...The field is so much closer this year

            Gasly definitely punched above his weight...The Ferrari's dont look so bad this year, and the McLarens are a little further back than I had hoped, but still close enough to take advantage of any mishaps in front of them.

            Can not wait for lights out at 4am

            Side note...very happy to see Fred get into Q3 on his first race back, and a HUGE shame to see Checo out in Q2


              Geeze wasn't this the year that Cyril was going to lead Alpine to glory...


                bets on how long before mazespin is dropped?
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                  Likely never while daddy still signs the cheques. That said, gotta go back to super aguri days to see a driver so badly out of his depth.

                  Bit disappointed with Dan’s race, expecting him to struggle a bit as he did with Renault but he was struggling more than I expected. In particular his middle sector was really bad, often a second off Norris/Leclerc. He’ll improve but this is one of his better tracks so was hoping for more. Max/Red bull kinda threw it away, I agree that he had to give the place back but that wasn’t done very well and even then he had time. Honestly, really good drive from Hamilton to win in what was probably a (marginally) slower car.

                  And good job to the young antipodeans in F2, sprint win for Lawson and Piastri and Piastri looking great in the main race before someone forgot to tell him what TicCunt is like to race with, pity but a really good debut for him.


                    Originally posted by trdee View Post
                    bets on how long before mazespin is dropped?
                    Isn't his Dad supposed to put Gene Hass out of his misery next year with William Storey?


                      I think Dan got a bit shafted by not being able to keep Lando behind him - compounded the issues he had after that - but you want to finish your first race with the team - and when you are tyre saving, hard to know how hard you can push a new car - he clearly has the one lap pace - it's getting to grips with having a race setup and a feel for the pace he can maintain.
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                        it would be easy to over analyse Dan's performance yesterday. for me it was a solid 1st race with mclaren and there is 20+ races still to come this year. We all know he has more to give then finishing 7th while his team mate was up the order.


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                            There will be more to come from Dan.

                            I will say though that Lando did look particularly racey, more so than normal. Maybe the challenge of a new team mate has fired him up a bit.


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                                There are photos floating around of the damage to Dan’s diffuser.

                                there is absolutely no doubt it would have hampered him - his suggestions of “I pushed for a lap or two and then the tyres turned to shit” makes complete sense if the diffuser was fucked (it’s literally a good half foot off the left corner, including the end fence)

                                Likely an easy 3/10ths per lap if not more (which works out to a good portion of 20sec deficit)
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