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    ^^ But can he surf! Thought you were going to comment on the cheater spec thing cleaning up in EM.......darkside could no doubt relate too!

    Originally posted by 6000SUX
    I'm down here in the tour section in a BMW i8.
    PJs swapped for cardigan and cloth hat eh. Mr Herridge given it away totally?


      Newman out of the driver's seat of the Sti today (he's not feeling it). Glenney getting in, with my old Nav Tim sliding into the silly seat.
      Will be interesting to see how that goes. They're starting 1:25 behind Benny boy.

      Last night I turned down doing the rest of targa in the P1 that's running 999. Not a decision that needs to made every day!


        gxxr can any race car driver surf? Big fat NO.
        Ever seen that ad where Mark Webber paddles a surfboard about
        as bad as me driving a F1. KOOK KOOK.


          Thanks for the update Marlin. Reckon Ben Manion was doing a top job. Will be interesting to see what time the new crew can or can't make up.

          Very tough call on the P1, but you have a job to do

          Originally posted by gxxr View Post
          ^^ But can he surf! Thought you were going to comment on the cheater spec thing cleaning up in EM.......darkside could no doubt relate too!

          Gxxr not quite sure what you mean. feel free to elaborate.


            Yeah Ben is doing s great job.


              Hey Woo - if you get the chance can you have a quick look at the Duursma & Wodhams V6 Lotus (Car #151) that is running in GT Sports. I'm curious as to what they have in regards to a 1/2 cage given it's a 2 seater.

              I have a mate with one that I might be able to convince to come and do it if they haven't totally farked the car up.


                Epic battle at the front of GT2. Marlin, the pressure must be on supporting one of them. Although gives you a sense of how hard both YT and Closey are going clearing out on the field by 4mins.53 secs in essentially 2 days..... or maybe they are both cheating...... Would have bene pretty one sided for Closey without YT to spar with.

                Some cracking times by Kaplan in the Walkie but assume he is in demonstration class as he isn't in the overall results that I can see.....And Glenny is taking the piss making that quick climb to the top of GT4 time sheets...

                Plenty more stories to come no doubt.


                  Yeah there's a fair gap between the properly quick guys and the rest of us mortals. Hopefully Glenney gets a GT2 drive one day as well. The rule changes don't seem to have slowed them down much. Some of those times seem to be just as quick as they have the last few years under the old regs.

                  And I must say - I think this year is the first year since I've stepped away that I can truly say I wish I was there. Might have to do something later in the year - whether that be THC or even just a tour with Peter Washington and co.


                    Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

                    My Italian 510



                      Classic Auto Fabrications:



                        *Pew* *pew* *pew*

                        Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?


                          That Viper gearbox is 2nd and 3rd workout.

                          Shit news for that red Porsche, I hope they had no luggage in the back.
                          2017 Ford Ranger XLT (Jeep Wrangler recovery vehicle)
                          2007 KTM 250 SX

                          Originally posted by Monza
                          I've never considered myself the type of guy to eat arse but I am currently reviewing that policy


                            It's very interesting to see the differences in strengths between the GT3 and the Viper and awesome to have them battling so closely.
                            This GT3 is a stunning car, it's literally standard except the brake pads and an Akro exhaust. The pace it can do on road tyres is blowing my mind. 261 on Sheffield for instance..... and it just laps it up, launch control every time, 9k rpm every gear.
                            Matt and Cameron are doing a great job and they're having a ball doing it. As are all the guys in the White's team.... we all love it.
                            Not half way yet, so we all keep it in perspective!


                              funny cunt, looks like the same place as the viper had issues.

                              this signature intentionally left blank



                                He is the master of the straight faced piss take. Much respect for the self made man spending his hard earned well.