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    Scotty Mac. Rookie of the year!
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      Originally posted by Roy928tt View Post
      Scotty Mac. Rookie of the year!
      Its a great achievement and well done to him

      Im not sure how the points would have stacked up, had Grosjean raced the ovals too, given Scotty got a podium at Texas, but either way, he has done himself proud, and Im sure 2022 will be even better for him.

      Congratulations to Alex Palou, bringing home the Astor Cup for CGR, and for the crew of the #10 for the first time since 2011 when Dario won his last championship.

      Even though it was going to take a miracle for O'Ward to have any real chance of winning, it was a real anti-climax for him to be spun to the back of the pack, from 5th place, by Ed Jones...very clumsy mistake

      Roll on 2022


        Callum Ilott has signed up for the 2022 season. Looks like his F1 dream may be fading out even though he's a Ferrari Academy driver.
        Perhaps Indycar will be a stopgap? I don't see him fighting his way back into contention for a seat though - kinda like Lundgard

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          Great season in the end.

          Colton is surely the favourite for 22 - he is so much faster than anyone else out there.

          Scott winning ROY - meh in my opinion. Really had no competition. Solid season, his goal in the off season will be to find one lap pace. That's his issue atm. Starts low, and gets buried in the pack.
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            Some of Coltons pace is other worldly, like in Nashville for instantce, but at the same time, there are weekends where he just blends in with the pack and doesnt stand out as much. Hes clearly a future champion once he polishes off those rough edges, and gets the consistency sorted. And he will need to, too, given the performance of Palou this year...he understands there is more to it than outright 10/10ths pace on every lap. Either way, Indycar, as a category, will be in great hands once the veterans leave over the next 2 or 3 years.

            Kind of agree re Scottys "title" but when you even see the veterans struggling to jump between compounds during quali too, it highlights what a steep climb it is to get on top of that part of the race weekend. I have no doubt that 2022 will yield better results for him, and if he can finish in the top ten overall, that will be a god achievement, and a solid foundation to head into year 3 of his new career.


              Romain Grosjean and Jimmie Johnson will be doing their Rookie orientation program at Indy later today in preparation for entering the event in 2022.

              It will be Grosjean's first drive in his new car too, after jumping across to Andretti to replace RHR.

              Keep it clean boys!!!


                Both drivers have passed their induction day at Indy, and have been cleared to enter the race next May. I wonder how many entries there will be? And how many people will get knocked out on bump day?

                Sato has lost his seat at RLLR, supposedly Jack Harvey will get his seat, wtih Sato possibly getting Grosjean's old seat at Dale Coyne racing


                  Ten years since Dan Wheldon died Seems longer then that..Nascarhistoryman did another good doco video of the lead up to that fateful day

                  Sutherland Shires #1 Escort? is that like being the 4th best prostitute in Kazahkstan?


                    I remember this like it was yesterday

                    My partner at the time had only just recently started watching more motorsport than just F1, and she had never watched an Indycar race, let alone an oval that was predicted to have the pack racing we saw, and for the first few laps, she was just sitting there with her mouth open, not quite believing what we were watching. I was trying to explain how the slipstream worked and why the cars were all running so close, and then bang...we sat there and watched what unfolded, without really saying a word to each other once the seriousness of the accident was clearly evident, and continued to sit there as they announced the Dan had died, and as the cars rolled out 3 a breast to do the laps of honour, we just sat in silence, with tears rolling down both of our faces. Such a profoundly emotional experience that I will never forget.

                    Sadly, it only took one more week, before she witnessed the same thing play out again when we sat together watching the MotoGP at Sepang, when Marco died. Again, we just sat there, watching it all play out in slow motion, completely numb, seeing the cameras in the pitlane focus on the faces of Marco's girlfriend and Father Paulo, and again we just sat there in silence, with tears rolling down our faces

                    The sports we love so much can be so cruel