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    Originally posted by TJ Shermuz View Post
    ima test some live streaming tech for this race... anyone interested keep an eye on the fb page
    Next race you mean? Keen


      Originally posted by Luke352 View Post
      I was blaming Vettel after the coming together but having rewatched it a few times I'm not so sure. I think Vettels comments are very valid. Max didn't need to leave the door open but he closed it way to hard. He could have squeezed Vettel enough to have him back off and achieved the same. I think Max definitely deserves a fair share of the blame in that incident which is obviously how the stewards saw it with the resultant no action.
      They were side by side and Vettel was on the kerb. Max literally chopped him when Vettel was already on the kerb. Max needed to defend earlier, but if he did that vettel would have gone the outside line and Max still would have understeered and he would have pushed to hard there. Vettel was clearly the faster car Max had no place defending like that.

      His move of Kimi was just stupid and hearing him defend it at the end of the race really showed what a knob end he is. He went of track and lost the position, but still tried not to concede. Personally I didnít agree with the 5 sec penalty, I think they should have made him give the place back there and then.

      I look forward to next year, if their cars are close enough Max and Dan will come together a few times I think. Dan give Max a lot of lead-way due to team mates, but next year there will be no love lost.

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      Originally posted by Babalouie
      Geez we're a bunch of softcocks...we have a 911 and we're obsessing over non-functional ducts and indicator colours


        Yep, seeing dan won't be a chance next year, will be good to see


          Sutherland Shires #1 Escort? is that like being the 4th best prostitute in Kazahkstan?


            Is it all downhill for Dan now?


              Originally posted by MZ21 View Post
              Yep, seeing dan won't be a chance next year, will be good to see
              Except Renault will be wanting the points to secure the prize money for the following year etc.
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              Originally posted by brasher
              I'd have no qualm about punting a kid into the fresh produce section if it meant the difference between getting a set of night vision goggles or not.


                I really enjoyed that race. Plenty of overtakes, spins, lock ups and good battles through the whole field.

                Was still hoping that Max on the softs was going to be vulnerable to Dan on the mediums with 4 left but they always seem to struggle to switch them back on after safety car
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                Originally posted by Monza
                I've never considered myself the type of guy to eat arse but I am currently reviewing that policy