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    I think another year in Moto2 would have been good for AM, does seem rushed and agree with the sentiment of the comments above.

    Will we see MM hand AM wins if he's behind him? We consistently saw MM this season like a predator stalking his prey, keeping 2nd and the last lap or two smashing it past the leader to take the win. Not expecting to see AM up there, however if he was in 1st would MM let it go or push past him? Eg. Vinales at PI, Quarterarro etc.

    Good on Jack Miller too, most succesful Pramac rider?
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      Keep in mind AM is only on a one year deal, feels like the best option to fill a gap without over committing and gives them options. if he is shit they can (awkwardly no doubt) let him go and fill the seat with someone else (Fabio perhaps?), if he's awesome and getting podiums then it's a dream scenario of 2 brothers in the same team kicking arse for Honda. It would be very interesting to see how it gets handled if it ends up only being a one year thing.

      Jack deserves a factory Ducati ride too but part of me thinks "what if after next year Honda gave him a ride as MM's team mate?" I reckon of all the people currently on the grid Jack would make the best of riding the fast but fucking scary Honda as his style is closest to MM's surely? (which is why signing Jorge was such a WTF moment for me, his style couldn't be any more different to MM and the Honda)
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        Id liken it to a bit of the Redbull racing, sink or swim philosophy. It will either work, or it wont. Only time will tell, but I just hope it doesnt damage Alex's stock in the sport, as we all know how quickly people can be thrown on the trash heap after a poor season. His testing form over the past 2 days is nothing to go off, and anybody expecting him to be closer than 2 seconds off the pace is being delusional. Im looking forward to seeing how he gets on at Sepang at the next test.

        Regarding Jack on the HRC, Im not so sure, but would be happy for him if he could make it work, but I think that sticking with Ducati and getting Petrux seat would be a better option for him, given how familiar he would be with the chassis by then. What he has done on the Pramac this year has been highly impressive, and if he hadnt had those few low sides while in podium positions, I think we could all agree that Danillo would be back on the Pramac next season. I think Ducati were too quick to give him another contract, based off the back of the win at Mugello, as since then, his form has been tardy at best. Jack just needs to be patient and good things will come his way