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    Originally posted by dave1600 View Post
    Although if I don't get my finger out and fix the datto, I won't be setting any lap times. Wonder what times I can do in a stock, standard MX5 on 240,000 k old suspension and cheap Achiiles street tyres...........
    Quicker than you would think.....

    Either the datto or the hairdresser car would be great, if not super fast fun....


      Yeah, datto and MX5 seem to manage very similar similar lap times on most tracks, within a second or so of each other. Not sure I fancy punting a convertible with no roll bar, no harness, no HANS, etc around Mt Panorama though - its worrying enough all caged up and strapped into the datto.

      Anyway, digit has been finally extracted, I should have a package arriving early next week from Mr Wilkins with the first of the bits needed to made the datto great again.
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        Originally posted by StanM3 View Post
        You can’t have in car timing for Reg at Bathurst, nor can you have comms to the car (at least this was the case last year).

        You can have a crew member manually signal you on pit straight though, is they can indicate if you are tracking above/below your designated time.
        Apologies, I got it wrong. You can run in car timing for Bathurst Reg. Caught up with my mate who competes in these events last night. Turns out it’s PI Reg you can’t run timing in car.


          Mallala Regularity saw a competitor DQ'd from the event for having a timing device on the steering wheel on Sunday 27th.

          He did 1 run after removing said device, then went home.
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