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Bathurst 24Hr 2020 Edition

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    Murphys law...the rain finally fell as the winner passed the flag

    Well deserved win by Bentley, though. they were untouchable in all areas for the last third of the race


      Was a fairly nasty weekend. Stinking hot every day, same at night. Need sleep... Dust storm up on the mountain for last 2/hr was no fun, but at least the temp finally has dropped. Decent shower 10 mins after flag. Just as well, otherwise would have finished under safety car.
      so many cars into the wall over the weekend. 2 of them happened right in front of me! Saw a few close calls as well. Not very friendly cars once they get loose, damn aero!

      Loved all the different sounds. Aston's and the 488 had old school turbo flutter on lift off! Took me back to Bathurst in the GRP A days, watching on the telly.

      3 more sleeps then my turn to try it on. Keen as, even just to drive around it when I get a chance tomorrow hopefully.

      Ha, just saw Hawkins rolling by through town, GT-R on trailer. Actually pulled up at main st lights next to him in the gtr and also a AMG SLS thingo, which were everywhere it seemed. That kind of weekend. Good car spotto this weekend in Bathurst!
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        Happy for the Bentleys to finally get it done.
        Originally posted by brasher
        TJ is 99% African American.


          Yep well deserved by the Bentleys after all of their speed and commitment for so many years.

          Hopefully it spurs on more commitment from other teams and manufacturers.


            Meh to much carnage for long term commitment from smaller teams IMO.

            Novelty of Bathurst will wear off when writing off a car every year.
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              Originally posted by 200MPH View Post
              3 more sleeps then my turn to try it on.
              See you there. I'm heading up tomorrow.