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Harness Bar idea - looking for input.

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    That’s a good idea actually. I’ll pull the trim out and see what options I have from there.

    Edit: checked and will require a fair bit of cutting of trim, i'd also like something that's easily removable so maybe fabricate a bracket each side and then have the bar be a bolt in part could work. I've definitely looked at that before but didn't quite go there due to the complexity involved.
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      Something like this:

      Its a rear strut brace setup rather than a harness bar but is getting close.
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        Originally posted by Reedy View Post

        The effectiveness of the hans might be slightly diminished but I can’t see a scenario where you’d be worse off by running with it.
        Probably depends where your shoulders are in relation to the cut-outs in your seat....and then how strong your seatback is ultimately.

        Interesting the way the MA car ran the belts all the way to the back, when there's a cross bar located in the main hoop. If there's easily removable trim on the tower, I could imagine something with pip pin like removability maybe? I remember AGI had to spend a fair old sum a few years ago to get their clamps engineered, tested and finally approved by Cams, which might fuck any non-conventional mounting attempts if a scrutineer was keen - I can think of one female locally in that category!