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    Targa Tasmania competitor Shane Navin dies in rally car crash
    A 68-year-old New South Wales man has been killed following a crash on the second last day of Targa Tasmania.

    Veteran Targa competitor Shane Navin died after his 1979 Mazda RX-7 crashed at Double Barrel Creek on the Mount Arrowsmith stage of the race, this morning.

    The crash is being investigated by police.

    The crash occurred about 11:00am on the Mount Arrowsmith Stage, which is between Queenstown and Derwent Bridge.

    Police said Navin lost control when navigating a right-hand bend and the car rolled into a culvert, coming to land on its roof.

    Targa organisers said the second occupant of the car, co-competitor Glenn Evans, was uninjured.

    In a statement this afternoon, Targa Australia CEO, Mark Perry, said Navin was "much-loved".
    "This is a very sad time for the Targa community. Shane was a much loved and admired member of our Targa family.

    "We send our heartfelt condolences to Shane's family and friends on their loss."

    The Lyell Highway's southbound lane was expected to be closed for some time and police advised motorists to avoid the area.

    The tarmac rally has been running since 1992.

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    Looks like the car ended up on its lid in a creek...😔

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      Not good... RIP
      RIP Simon - Ghost ride that whip in the clouds forever..


        Yes, I was very sad to read this article on speedcafe yesterday arvo

        RIP Shane...keep fanging that Rotang up in the clouds




            Yes, sad. RIP


              A driver and co driver also had a fatal accident today it seems . Can't find a news story yet but pretty sure that is what I just heard on the news.

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                Confirmed here:

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                  3 in one event, that is so sad for all involved, but also will have consequences for this type of event in the future


                    So sad to hear first yesterday’s incident and then two more deaths today. RIP
                    Sutherland Shires #1 Escort? is that like being the 4th best prostitute in Kazahkstan?


                      Ah fuck.


                        RIP dudes. Hopefully no one suffered too bad.


                          Gutted to read this

                          As above, I hope it was quick for all conerned.



                            Looks like it was a late model 911.



                              Acting Inspector Sally Cottrell told reporters: “A Porsche was taking part in the Cygnet stage of the Targa road race. It’s come over the crest of the hill on Wattle Grove Rd. The vehicle has lost control on the gravel and then the passenger’s side of the vehicle has collided into a tree.”

                              Acting Inspector Cottrell could not speculate how fast the car was travelling at the time of the crash, but confirmed conditions on the straight stretch of road were dry.

                              “It’s a normal stretch of road, it’s a straight stretch of road and in good condition,” she said.

                              “It’s a very tragic set of circumstances that has occurred and our thoughts do go out to the relatives of the deceased.”

                              The Mercury reports two men, aged 69 and 58, were pronounced dead at the scene.

                              The double fatality came 90 minutes after a different car rammed into a man’s shed. Thankfully, David Gilliver and co-driver Nigel Shellshear escaped unharmed from that incident.

                              Click image for larger version

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