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    Mechanic moderated Posts

    This is just a message to the moderators in particular to the mechanic moderated posts

    Firstly guys come on lets get serious. The businesses that we are naming are quite small, just some dodgy mechanic workshops that some of us have had bad experiences with and in some cases probably lost considerable time, effort and money.

    Secondly I'll get straight to the defamation sh*t. Come on guys . Defamation usually only has an after effect when its distributed to mass media i.e The Sydney Morning Herald etc where a lot of people have access to it(millions and millions). Do you guys have millions and millions of people reading these posts. Don't think so. If we can't at least name these bastards how will other people know about not to go to them. I understand where you guys are coming from but lets put it in all hindsight.

    If I write a bad comment about someone or something they will be sueing me. You can't control what people think or do and so the fault is with the author.

    Anywayz I'm done :worship:

    THIS IS MASS MEDIA!!!! And it wouldnt be the first time PF has had legal threats against it (real ones, by lawyers. This isnt made up mate).

    This is a SERIOUS issue to PF, so dont think your view on defamation and the legal system is the real way it is, or that we havent had legal proceedings put against us because some f*cktard decides to spew out defamation, threats or other such crap.
    Unfortunately for us, the law views the internat such that the person or persons hosting the information is responsable for it's content. Thats why we modeare it very closely.

    Anyone that persists on doing so will have no second warning but will be banned ASAP.

    Its very simple. It's a real threat to PF.
    In a nutshell:

    Dont try it, you will be banned.
    Turns out, far too much has been written about great men and not nearly enough about morons

    Originally posted by seedyrom
    my neighbours called the cops...... not because of the sound of me working in the garage was too loud, but because i taped a cardboard box to my back, covered my self in vaseline and pretended i was a snail on their lawn