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Lotus 23 by John Steiner

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    Lotus 23 by John Steiner

    I'm sure some of you have seen this posted on Facebook. But John Steiner who for the last decade or so has been a pretty prolific builder of all sorts of cars, a couple Clubman 7's, old formula 5000 replica, old Brabham replica, old McLaren Can-Am replica, and the last car he made before his health deteriorated badly was a Lotus 23 inspired car.

    Well some fucks have stolen it from his shed. So please keep an eye and ear out for any mention

    John passed away this morning, car was never recovered
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    Originally posted by Mr Purple;
    What is with that smell every time you walk into an Aldi?

    I'm assuming it's something to do with all the cardboard boxes. Smells like eastern Europe, the fall of communism and peasants.


      What the fuck do you do with a stolen car like that?

      PS, cunts.
      .... because every driver experiences the destructive potential of the effortless surge of power available through the smallest of body movements.

      Dr Hoon

      DrNick is king!!!! No, Mark Webber is now! Long live the king!... hold on a minute mate, Ricci is in charge now


        RIP Mr Steiner. I understand he's not been well for a while


          Originally posted by ahabthearab View Post
          John passed away this morning, car was never recovered [ATTACH]7293571[/ATTACH]
          I had no idea until I saw your comment here. Very sad news, RIP John.