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a letter to Sir Jack Brabham

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    What a bloody hoon!

    Originally posted by InsaneAsylum
    first time i was in sydney, i asked the cabbie to tell a bit about the place. he said "this here oxford st, you see 2 man, they are poofter"
    Fuckwits Incorporated


      Saw Sir Jack today at the historics, we had a chat, he remembered our letter and was still very thankful if it. What a man and a legend.


        bump of this awesomeness
        RIP Simon - Ghost ride that whip in the clouds forever..


          Wow!! This is one of the few threads that I had missed on PF...

          Sir Jack has always been one of my F1 heroes, and his accomplishments should never be forgotten.

          Good on all of you who played a part in writing this letter 12 years ago, especially Paul...I tip my hat to you all.

          P.S Glad that I have learned a lot more of your real names too hahaha


            Originally posted by Dave75 View Post

            Not in SA

            That didn't age well...

            It was in answer to " any racetracks being built soon?"

            Of course The Bend has been built since then.
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              Apparently we still have the letter floating about some where.

              Nice thread bump.
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              Dr Hoon

              DrNick is king!!!! No, Mark Webber is now! Long live the king!... hold on a minute mate, Ricci is in charge now


                Was lucky enough to get up close to Sir Jack at the 2014 F1 Australian GP, was an honour to see the legend. His last public appearance from memory before his death.
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