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    lol at namechange
    Originally posted by tim510
    More rabbit less turtle!

    "No new car will ever be better for the environment than an old car that already exists. Unless that old car is a left-wheel drive communist shitbox made of uranium, asbestos and luekemia", oioioioioi

    "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all", god


      And with a single post of awesomeness a thread that was vying for the title of "Shittest PF thread of 2011" is now worthy of respect and a place in the pool room. Fucking win.

      07 Renault Sport Megane F1 Team R26 #1397

      Originally posted by sketchypiMp
      What's she like with a shovel?

      And by shovel I mean dick.


        Originally posted by tut View Post
        lol at namechange
        I was in the process of sending a PM to ask for it, PF froze, then unfroze and it was already done

        Best tuesday ever :D
        Originally posted by Dimi
        80mm of penetration isn't bad, i wish i had that much.
        Originally posted by schnitzelburger
        My entire working career pretty much consists of suckin dick and takin names.

        Sometimes im too busy to take names.


          Lol at Baron von Singlepegger
          Originally posted by Jim
          the only decent six pot holden ever put in a car was the nissan RB30


            Originally posted by Asteroid View Post
            Lol at Baron von Singlepegger
            +1 and Damo is still a cunt! :d

            Originally posted by niSSSan
            works for me as the first few years of monthly pay was hookers and coke for the first week, then 3 weeks of jerking off and water...


              Originally posted by Marv View Post
              Settle down with a cup of sasquatch piss, kids, and listen to the tale of the Sketchy who could skid.

              Several years ago a young man by the name of Ruddiger Gigglefingers was on the lookout for a machine that could display emotions in people as it passed them by - particularly if they were young, nubile women with orifices tighter than a Jew's wallent. He wanted to moisten the loins of these strumpets (buxom or not) to satisfy a competition he was having with the Sultan Of Caboolture, otherwise known as Baron von Singlepegger. The Baron had decreed that respect was only earned by either mashing one's eye socket with a large off-road motorcycle while tumbling down a hill backwards into a pile of rocks and angry stotes, and young Ruddiger was having none of it.

              Early attempts at garnering respect were quashed as his mouldy old Kraut econobox left the quims of many cold, as did the Tofu Delivery Hatchback of Mount Akina. The answer only came in the form of Bootsy Collins' personal car dealer, George 'The Pyschadelic Dumptruck' Johnstone. Dumpers (as he was known to friends) wooed Ruddiger into his sinful lair with offerings of milk, cookies, a brutal spot of anal fingering and a mint black Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3. Although originally thought to be myth dreamed up by Hitler's parrot and a manatee named Frederick, the Mercedes was very real, very black and very capable of greasing the holes of many a fetching young lass. Ruddiger knew he had to have it, so he crossed Dumpers' palm with much gold, some unicorn sperm and two half-eaten burritos and drove away in the sleek Mercedes.

              However, one of the foibles of the Mercedes presented itself on the way home. While tapping his foot in time to his much-loved yodelling album, "Darna Yodels Up A Pancake" by "Wisconsin Darna", he discovered the Mercedes was rocking in time to his foot. Obviously, this meant the car enjoyed a good spot of yodelling and so Ruddiger drove on enjoying the soothing sounds of a drugged-up mid-western housewife falling down a hill while gargling (which is what all yodelling sounds like). Once Ruddiger came to a stop, though, he realised the car's tyres were spinning each time he tapped to the beat. Soon he noticed a crowd gathering, marvelling at the disco inferno pumping from the back of the Mercedes, blocking the sun and choking greenies on their cups of dandelion tea.

              "The bitches," he proclaimed, "are wet". He quickly ventured to the Baron's palace and verily laid down a smoking that could be seen in space... or the Gateway Bridge (hi Boothy). The Baron was shocked and awed, relinquishing power to a rapidly departing Ruddiger (who passed on it, as he was too busy picking up sluts on the Goldie to bother with Caboolture). Soon afterwards, he changed his name to Sketchy McSkiddengoober and was lost in a sea of moisten poon. The end.


                In before poolroom. Epic post marv.
                Originally posted by Gussy
                It's the PF way. "Put a twin turbo LS in it brah, you'll have it converted and running in 2.5 hours and make an eazy 1000rwkw, lulz" All while the same people who suggest this stuff drive around in a corolla and have a fucked VN sitting in the garage for the past 3 years as a "project car."


                  Originally posted by RVK 355
                  Hold it flat cunt


                    Originally posted by SkidFace View Post
                    In before poolroom. Epic post marv.
                    Yep it's To The Pool Room for this thread.