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    A friend plays the horses, never bets on them to win but takes home about 20-30k a month. I can't say much more because I have nfi on how it works or exactly what he does. He is a professional gambler.


      Originally posted by bigmuz View Post
      However- there is a way to optimise your winnings if the numbers do line up- choose numbers >31 as most people are retards and will choose birthdays and therefore if you win using numbers under 31 you will likely share your winnings with some other retired.

      I am not so sure Lotto is a tax on the stupid, I think it is more of a tax on hope.
      Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?


        Seedyrom, you made the comment that its a better idea to, over the course of multiple games, have every number selected at least once. I can sort of see how this might SEEM like a good idea, but you are looking at it the wrong way.

        the individual games are just that, individual. lets say you were playing a game where you pick five numbers out of twenty. buying 4 games.

        1, 2, 3, 4, 5

        6, 7, 8, 9, 10

        10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

        etc using your method of covering every number

        the chance that anyone of those games will win is no different to four games with random numbers. you still need to get 5 numbers out of twenty. I don't see how buying lots of games makes your chances of an individual ticket winning higher, except for the fact that you have more entries.

        someone who buys the ticket 1,2,3,4,5 isn't going to be any less likely to win than someone who also bought 1,2,3,4,5, but bought the other numbers as well in different games.
        Interesting quote


          This all stems from one of those large draws. As said, I don't play lotto, but thought i'd get a ticket on this large draw.
          Scene 1: [A dashing young entrepenuer enters a local newsagency.]
          Hero: "One ticket please!"
          Newsagent: "What sort of ticket?"
          Hero: "One for the large draw thankyou Sir"
          Newsagent: "You want a mega pick?"
          Hero: "Sounds superb! Make sure they are the winning numbers. HAHAHAHAHAHA"
          Newsagent: "Indeed. You want a full card?"
          Hero: "Sounds superb! Make sure they are the winning numbers. HAHAHAHAHAHA"
          Newsagent: "Thats $27 dollars"
          Hero: "Fark me. Thank god these are the winning numbers"

          Scene 2: [The dashing entrepenuer is at home checking the numbers on the paper slip]
          Hero: (muttering) "What the?? The lowest number on this card of 24 games is 09! The numbers 1-8 are not on this card at all. 17% of the possible numbers are excluded from my ticket. Honey, there's no numbers 1-8 on this ticket."
          Patient wife: "Well, the numbers on there have just as much a chance of winning as any other numbers"
          Hero: I know, however if any numbers 1-8 get called up, all 24 games are void. Fucking Tut might jag this one. And look, there's so much duplication. the number 16 appears in 5 of the games, actually, its rife throughout this ticket. My god, there's numbers missing all over the shop, i'm easily looking at 25% of the available numbers missing from this card."
          Patient wife: "What part of this dont you understand?"
          Hero: "The part where I am reducing my chances of winning. By not having all numbers atleast once on this ticket somewhere, I am guaranteeing that I am not giving myself the best chance possible"
          Patient wife: "I think we should see other people"
          Hero: "Okay, let me put it this way. You, me and God are sitting around a round table and have a standard deck of cards each. We all shuffle them. God puts 6 cards on the table in front of him face down. We both are going to pull 6 cards out of our decks and hope they are the same. You however have to remove 25% of your cards in a random fashion and throw them in the bin before you select your 6 cards from the rest of your deck. Surely my chances of selecting the same cards as God's cards are higher than yours."
          Patient wife: "My chances are the same as yours"
          Hero: "Incorrect. We both select our six cards from our decks and put them face down in front of us. God turns over his first card. What the? Its one of the cards you threw in the bin. Alas, you are out"
          Patient wife: "Yes, but is it one of your cards?"
          Hero: "Funny you should ask, it is!"
          Patient wife: "That was lucky"
          Hero: "Luck had nothing to do with it. The really strange part was that we both selected the same cards as each other, except for that first card which was revealed. I had it selected correctly, and you threw yours in the bin."
          Patient wife: "Dic..."
          Hero: (Interupting) "And now God continue's to reveal his cards. Through good management, my cards match God's. Well done to me!
          Patient wife: "Uh huh. What do you win?"
          Hero: "Oh my dear, its not about winning, it's about being correct"
          Patient wife: "Dic..."
          Hero: "... and now God has left the room after giving me a high five, and you have your way with me, forcing me to make love to you in all three positions."
          Patient wife: "Well now I know this is an imaginary tale. Anyway, you're not right"
          Hero: "Surely my chances of selecting the same cards as God were increased over yours the minute you threw 25% of your deck into the bin prior to the start".
          Patient wife: "No. You are wrong"
          Hero: "Sweet, silly little wife. Obviously my chances are higher by having a selection of numbers which cover the available pool."
          Patient Wife: "Didn't you do Stats100 at Uni?"
          Hero: "Yes, and I even did Stats120 the following semester. C+ and a CP respectively if I remember correctly. This is obviously my area of speciality."
          Patient wife: "Huge result"
          Hero: "I'll tell your family next time I see them. Obviously this is high-level thinking which is not your forte"
          Patient wife: "Dic..."
          Hero: "Hush princess, don't stress about it anymore"

          [Screen fades to black. Sound of gobbies can be heard]


            seedy, the reason you cant understand why you're wrong is because you are only looking at one facet of the equation. Lets say you are playing 9 games and choosing 5 numbers per game.

            1 2 3 4 5 on your first card and 41 42 43 44 45 on your last, the others just like that.

            Each ball is random. Lets say the number 7 comes up. For the jackpot, you have now eliminated all but 1 game on your card. If you had a random card, you might have no 7's, eliminating them all, or you might have 9 7's, keeping all those games in play.

            Now lets say 42 comes up. You're done. However a random pick may have zero through to 9 games still in play. Because the random pick doubles up on some numbers and leaves some out, you might have more winning games or less.

            Your system does not change the chance of winning one little bit. It just means that you have each of the numbers come up if you have them all on the grid, but it doesnt improve the chances of them coming up in a single game to the extent that you will win anything.


              Thanks poid!

              Makes sense to me.

              Case closed

              However I do have a system for the chocolate wheel. Though I might keep that one to myself


                Originally posted by JohnMcSandyAxe View Post
                I knew someone would say that. :D

                This just seems like a bit of Seedyrom logic. Cover the board with bets and bet bigger on a few numbers that appear regularly?

                PS - Seedy, are you going to prove how your system works for us?


                  Originally posted by seedyrom View Post
                  Thanks poid!

                  Makes sense to me.

                  Case closed
                  Damn, I was hoping this would keep going....

                  You sure you have it sorted?? What about if you started at the final game on the card and went backwards through each game, surely that would make a difference!
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                    All this talk of winning lotto has certainly got my appetite up.

                    When I had my ticket in the $30 million dollar draw, I of course was convinced I was going to win and as such, started spending the money in my head. I quickly realised that $30 million dollars wasn't enough to let myself live the lifestyle I want to live.


                      So does that mean I can go and play lotto against god with playing cards now?


                        Sure. My advice ... Play with a full deck.


                          Originally posted by Greg Rust View Post
                          I wonder what the manufacturing tolerance on the balls is?
                          As part of my wifes job she had to do regular measurements of the lotto balls. They are championship grade ping pong balls and are measured for size and weight and are changed after a period of use. We have some at home, probably not supposed to


                            i can't believe this thread made it to three pages. So much retiredness.

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                              FWIW some mates on Dr Karl's Science Forum worked out for me the number of system 20 games you'd have to play to virtually guarantee a win - It ended up being about two million dollar worth.


                                Oooo, I get it. Its like, so theres a game show with 3 doors and 2 goats right. Two doors have a goat behind them, but one of them doesnt, it has the winning lotto numbers behind it. If you open the doors and dont find a goat, you have the numbers.

                                You pick door 1, the host opens a door that shows a goat (like he always does) and asks if you wanna switch your choice. Should you switch?
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