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project failings for sale

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    project failings for sale

    early 1uz, head studs/valve springs. Just torn down and spannered together while drunk, I suspect it will run for 100,000km with 600hp atw or 10 km and suffer a bearing failure. Who gives a fuck.
    Fancy intake manifold made by Rz/pete and a cast bullet lower section. Manifold has plazmaman 86mm throttle body, new.
    Billet rails and stainless bosch 1250cc injectors.
    Some custom made water bridges etc to suit.
    Rear sump setup
    Coil on plug (rav 4 coils)
    fuck all else, can come with a few boxes of various shit and aids like ac compressors, starter motors, engine plastics, brackets etc.

    Built (Brian @ Globalmax) manualised A340 and Geoff Dell converter (4500rpm+-)
    Never missed a beat, was torn apart and inspected/rebuilt (precautionary) and unused since. UZ bellhousing, slip tail housing.

    GT4094R garrett turbo, 2000km's old. 90 deg front facing outlet welded on.
    T4 twin scroll
    Turbosmart 50mm gate welded to housing. I forget exhaust housing size but probably 1.19AR

    Pics in a day or three
    Originally posted by Bosshoggett
    If your planing to drive this on the road and enjoy it, id suggest a second opinion, someone with a history in Australian Rally or Fink River . If your just playing dyno comps. Then ok

    any cheap emtrons up for sale?


      I buy?