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F.S Wilwood 1inch Master Cylinder CBR

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    F.S Wilwood 1inch Master Cylinder CBR

    Hey dudes

    I've got a wilwood 1inch master that I bought and didn't realise the size of it, it's too big for my clutch application...

    I think I paid $160 for it? It's the kit that has the plastic fluid holders (I can't spell what they actually are) but I think I'll keep one so I can just buy the unit not the whole kit.

    Open to lowballs. It's currently installed in the car has had clutch fluid through it but just used to be bled then driven up the drive way (it's too much pressure and I'm not getting a good feel/clutch engagement) so I need a smaller one. I think factory SR is 5/16 and they recommend 3/4 as an upgrade.

    If I need a price 130$ delivered?

    It's black and such. I can get pics if needed.
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    This is obviously assuming all your AUX outputs are doing something. Ie idle control, and the other does water spray, and the other updates your Instagram automatically etc.