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Wanted: Engine cover for a Galant/Legnum

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    Wanted: Engine cover for a Galant/Legnum

    Hello all

    As the title suggests, I am chasing an engine cover to suit an 8th gen (EC5A/EC5W) Mitsi Galant/Legnum, as mine has disintegrated a little bit over the years. Not fussed if it's NOS or an aftermarket item.

    If anyone has one or would happen to know where I could source one, I'm all ears.

    Originally posted by THE CHIEF;n7125803
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    Yahoo auctions? Amayama?
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      OZVR4 forum/FB group, scumtree or ebay.

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        There is a guy called Peter Marriott in the UK who makes them. He advertises on the Legnum Bros FB group. Been selling them for years and posts world wide.