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Windsor 5.0 conversion harness.

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    Windsor 5.0 conversion harness.

    Purchased this 2 years ago and it’s still in the box from delivery.
    Decided on a different engine. should be plug and play with a tuneable ecu.


    Original add:

    Bit of an oddball but who knows, someone might want it here or know someone doing a conversion.

    This has just been removed from my 65 mustang. The reason is that I am going full honk on the build now, with forced induction and a few other things and am moving on to a Haltech to allow LS coils and some other things.
    This has served me well with no dramas. It was built by Pete's Custom Wiring in sydney. It is an EF XR8 loom that was stripped apart and modified as a standalone efi loom.
    It uses an EF XR8 auto ecu, however it has a j3 chip which has enabled the ecu as a manual ecu. The j3 chip has also disabled smart lock.

    The stand alone loom has two white plugs (which I have the wiring diagram for) near the ecu that has all the inputs and ouputs needed for the stand alone system to work. This includes things such as ignition/start inputs, reverse lights inputs/ouputs, water temp/oil pressure gauge outputs, tacho and speedo outputs. It also has an AC wire that you can attach to your AC system so the ecu idles up and turns the fans on.

    The factory diagnostic port is wired in. It comes with a custom made diagnostic reader and manual. This also allows you to put the ecu into timing mode and set the timing correctly.

    It is setup to run dual AU fans. The only thing I have noticed is that the low speed fan is always on. Other than that it works correctly. AC on turns the fans to high etc.

    It also has a fuel pump output to connect directly to an electric pump.

    Everything is neat and wrapped in tesa tape. The loom is also labelled. The relays are quality tyco relays.

    The J3 chip in the ecu has been dynotuned for a 90mm maf(included), 24lb AU injectors(included), full exhaust, xe264hr cam and a 75mm TB.

    Other things I am including in this kit are the following, which have only done 2000km max, some parts less than that:

    -24lb blue AU xr8 injectors. They would need new seals and a clean.

    -Factory motorcraft distributor rebuilt with genuine motorcraft hall effect sensor and rotor.

    -Genuine motorcraft TFI module in a custom relocation kit with heat sink. This allows you to move the TFI module to the shock tower, as heat and vibration kills them quickly. Ford usa went this way in the later mustangs due to high TFI failure rates. Ford australia went to coil packs at the same time.

    -Genuine motorcraft coil

    -Almost brand new MSD coil(about 50km's old)

    -PMAS 90mm maf. This is only about 300km's old. I have the flow sheets for this also. The j3 chip is tuned for this.

    -K&N filter with 4" inlet

    -Genuine motorcraft water temp sensor and intake temp sensor

    -Geniune motorcraft TPS sensor and IAC valve

    -One bosch and one VDO o2 sensor(i got the vdo as it had a longer loom and I need a longer one on one side)

    -Gearbox harness

    -J3 Chip burner from TI Performance

    There's more I forgot that I will add. Please ask any questions, I know the ins and outs of this as I installed it all and bought every single item myself.

    With the addition of an efi intake manifold, injector rails, throttle body and efi fuel pump you could pretty much turn any windsor into an EFI system with factory reliability. Perfect for windsor conversions into ANYTHING!